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On the Receiving End

I had a new experience yesterday. One that caught me totally off guard and touched my heart.

I had Hubby’s car and it was so dirty inside. I needed to pick up a presenter for a program we were hosting for work. There was really no way I could have them in that car as it was. Normally, I would go to the car wash and do it myself, washing and vacuuming with the coin operated machines. But there was no time for that. I decided to go to one of the car washes where they do it for you – exterior, interior, the works.

I have never done this before. I’ve never had someone clean my car for me (unless you count the kids – and, well, they aren’t so detail oriented when it comes to things like that). I wasn’t even sure what it was going to cost me, but I just didn’t have a choice.

I pulled into the Waterway and copied what the car in front of me was doing. When the attendant asked what he could do for me, I said clean all this up! The Whole Thing is the package he recommended. Sure. I’ll take it. He handed me the slip and I followed the car in front of me. When it was my turn the next attendant told me I could take the slip inside to pay while they washed, waxed and cleaned the car.

Let me back up here and give you a little perspective. Saturday was a brutal day for me. I was up at 5 am and worked at one of our local walks, swung thru the local QuikTrip for a soda and back on the road. The rest of the day involved prom and after prom and I finally got home at 3:30 am. It was a long day and I was pretty much useless on Sunday. Didn’t go anywhere or do much of anything.

So back to the car wash. I go inside and watch the man in front of me pay. That’s when I thought, “I should get my card out to make the line go faster.”

I pull my wallet out of my purse and open it to get my debit card.

It’s not there.

There is no debit card in my wallet.

And just that quickly I remember pulling it out to run into QuikTrip on Saturday. I bet it’s still in the back pocket of those pants.

But the car is already being washed.

Now, I’m rather panicked. What am I going to do? And no, I didn’t have a checkbook or cash. I asked the cashier if she could take the number off of my old card. Could that work?

And that’s when the gentleman ahead of me in line stopped, pulled his wallet back out of his pocket and said, “Here, put it on this card.”

I was stunned. This wasn’t a $4 car wash. This was a $30 car wash!

I protested.

He insisted.

I cried.

I was so moved that someone could be that generous with a total stranger in line at the car wash.

We walked outside together and talked while we waited for our cars. I told him about my 45 by 45 and how I had been in a slump. I promised to pay it forward.

And then he shook my hand and said, “I’m George, I hope the rest of your day is good.”

I don’t think it could get better than that.

I want to be like George.


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Finishing Some Things

You might remember on my birthday this year I decided to do some things 45 times in the year leading up to my 45th birthday. I’ve named it my 45 times by 45. Today I have an update! I’ve been working on all 7 areas, but some are going much better than others. I think that was part of my plan. Some will come pretty naturally, and some not so much. I have to say, sadly, the hardest one has been to commit random acts of kindness. I’m just not sure what to do. That makes me sound like a selfish person. Or at least not a very kind person. The real struggle is, what counts as a random act of kindness. I’m thinking just letting a car in my lane during rush hour doesn’t really count. Anyway, suggestions are welcome. I’ll keep thinking and working on this one.

I’ve also not done great at the photo one. Actually, I’ve been picking up my camera pretty much daily! But part of the challenge was to blog the photos I take on my other blog – From My Perspective. That’s where I’ve fallen down. I’ll have to pick some of my favorites and start posting them.

The other challenge has been with getting out of my comfort zone. I’m finding it hard to find opportunities to get out. I’m sure if I tried harder I could, but I’m also pretty busy so seeking out other opportunities is just one more thing to do. At this point, the times I have gotten out of my zone have been at work. I guess that’s a good thing:). And then there was eating broccoli and cauliflower – that’s way out of my comfort zone!

What I have done surprisingly well at is finishing projects! I know, I’m shocked too! If you know me at all you know this one is a stretch for me. So far I’ve finished 4 projects. Only one of which I hadn’t started before my birthday. That one I started and finished in 24 hours!!! Crazy huh?! So here are the pictures of what I’ve finished.

This is a frame I had started a LONG time ago! And it was actually finished before my birthday…

But I never got around to hanging it. I had a place for it, just needed to hang it. Done!


Then there was the ornament wreath. I saw a beautiful version of this on Whatever -my favorite blog last spring. Then on pinterest I found a tutorial that seemed a little easier process than the original. I’m all about easier! 

I’d been picking up ornaments at garage sales for a few months. It went together really easily!

Another pinterest inspired project! It’s made from paint chips and I love the color!

So simple. See the other ideas she has here.


And the last project was inspired by this blog. I saw her camera strap and fell in love! It’s just what my camera needed:). She sent me to this tutorial that was fabulous! I used fabric I already had and did it in just 24 hours! I don’t have great pics of it since I put it on my camera right away:)!


My first project with my new sewing machine! I think I want to sew some more. I’d forgotten how much fun it is!

So there you have it. An update on what I’ve been finishing. Feels pretty good.


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Celebrating the Journey

Today is my birthday. I turn 44 today and I’ve been thinking, this is a good time to set a goal. I like milestones because they are like a clean slate. You can start anything, like a diet, or a new routine. You haven’t messed up yet:). I started thinking about the things I could do to commemorate this milestone. Ways I could embrace my age and grow me over the next year. I tossed ideas around with the family. They had some good ones. And some bad ones.

I wanted something that will be a challenge, but not a burden. I want to be pushed, but also have the freedom to be flexible. I thought about doing 45 new things, but that seems a lot like my 101 list that is very slow going. When I really thought about why I wanted to do it I decided it’s about improving my life. About becoming a better me. So, to that end, what can I do? I decided to pick a few things that I could do 45 times on my way to 45! After all, if I do it 45 times it should surely become a habit, right? I think so. And these would be good habits to have. 45 things comes out to about once a week with a few weeks off for life craziness.

So what to do 45 times? I came up with lots of ideas and the family had some suggestions too. Some of them didn’t even get considered, others needed tweaking. I settled on a list and I’m sharing it here…to keep me honest.

45 times by 45

  • Try new recipes – feel free to send me your favorites, I’m gonna need ideas!
  • Commit random acts of kindness – anytime, anywhere, really big or super simple!
  • Tweet – about anything or nothing, after all who’s really reading:)?
  • Blog about my life – there is so much material!
  • Capture photos and blog them – challenge myself to pick up the camera and capture the everyday of life, not just the special moments!
  • Get out of my comfort zone – not sure how I will do this one, it seems more like you just accept an opportunity when/if it comes. Hope they come often!
  • Finish projects – hard to believe, but yes, I’m sure I do have nearly that many things started!

So there you have it! I think it will make the next year interesting. I’m a little nervous. Some will definitely be easier than others. And I’ve just committed to 315 things. Is it a coincidence that there are the same number of things as there are days in the week? I don’t think I will go there.

And just to clarify the rules:

  1. It’s my birthday so I make all the rules:).
  2. An activity can count for more than one – like trying a new recipe for vegetables which would also get me out of my comfort zone!
  3. I will keep a log of what I do and track my progress – yes it will probably be a spreadsheet!
  4. I may blog about some of my adventures, but certainly not all of them – that would be 315 posts!!
  5. If I start a new project and finish it – that counts as finishing a project.
  6. I will hold myself to the spirit of the plan, not the letter of it. {Meaning, its ok to cut myself some slack if (ok, when) life gets crazy}
  7. I will push myself to not take the easy way out – not all the time anyway:).

That’s it. I’m ready. What do you think?


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