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3 Awesome Things – about living in Kansas

We moved to Kansas 15 1/2 years ago. Right after {as in 7 days after} Youngest Son was born. I had been to through Kansas on vacation. And maybe to Wichita once to visit my cousin. But prior to our move we made two trips to Kansas City; one for Hubby’s interview and one for me to visit him {he moved down here 6 weeks before the boys and me}. It wasn’t much of an introduction to the city. And honestly, I just thought Kansas was a big flat expanse of land between me and Colorado. Yes, unenlightened at best.

I guess you could say my view of Kansas was as uninformed and naive as the people recently who took the survey about least scenic states. The problem is I hadn’t given it a chance. As many Kansas have shared in response to the ranking, I hadn’t taken time to look around and notice the beauty. It’s a different kind of beauty. Not the in-your-face kind. My Kansas view was very limited. In fact I used to joke that anything west of I-435 was Western Kansas. I know. Forgive me?

In the last 15 years I have some opportunities to travel around the state. I’ve seen parts of the state {beyond 435} that I previously assumed were vast flatlands. I’ve had my eyes opened. This state is a beautiful place. Photographer Scott Bean has done an incredible job of photographing the amazing beauty of Kansas. I dream of capturing horizons and skies the way he does. Incredibly talented. Just looking at his photos brings me peace, calms my soul and puts a smile on my face. He put together this great video in response to the criticisms of those who have never stepped foot in Kansas or only experienced it from I-70.

This is My Kansas!

Hope you enjoyed the show.

I love living in Kansas! It is very much home for a lot of reasons. But mainly because of the connections I’ve made.

So here are three awesome things about living in Kansas:

  1. The people are friendly and welcoming. Coming from Iowa, I’m used to good-hearted, honest people. But I have lived in places that don’t really welcome “outsiders” to their community. Kansas has a lot of transplants and they fit right in with the native Kansans. The Kansans I know are good, passionate, diverse people.
  2. Sunflower fields! They really have actual fields of giant sunflowers! Planted just like corn in Iowa, growing in even rows. And when you stumble upon one its like the heavens have opened and a chorus of angels is signing! Ok, that’s what it was like for me anyway:). You can check out some pictures of my Sunflower Adventure.
  3. We have great seasons! I don’t think I could live somewhere without 4 distinct seasons. My favorite is always the next one. I love the change it brings.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out Kansas! Come see the beautiful scenery {including the sunflowers}, talk with the great people, and enjoy the variety each season brings.


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3 Awesome Things – about back to school

Today Oldest Son goes back to school. This time last year I was a blubbering mess! For real. Like sobbing. What a difference a year makes:). No sobbing today. This marks the day all the kids are back in school. So, I thought it would be fitting to have 3 Awesome Things about Back to School.

  1. Changes in Routines– I love to mix it up! I really do and back to school definitely brings that about. We all get up earlier, go to be earlier (mostly) and keep somewhat consistent schedules. I’m as ready for that as I am for the carefree schedules of summer come May. I would probably have to qualify it as loving predictable change – like the seasons, school year, holidays, wardrobes, menus. Not the big scary changes like jobs, family moving away, or new rules I can’t control. Nope, don’t want that kind of change. I’ll just take my happy, predictable change.
  2. School Supplies – I love them all! I want to buy a bunch of pencils and sharpen them really sharp! ‘Cause we all know a sharp pencil is a sign of a sharp mind! And notebooks. I love crisp new notebooks without those wavy pages they get when you drip water on them. Or the ones where people have torn parts of pages out. No, don’t like that kind. Or when there are lists and phone numbers, and reminders all over a page. Don’t like that! That’s why I love brand new notebooks. They are clean and neat and orderly. I like that. And I like pens. Really good, medium point, pens with nice grips. I have a lovely blue pen at work. I’ve had it for nearly 7 years. {True confession: it came with me from my last job, at the church! I wasn’t trying to steal, but after reading all the questionnaires about workplace theft, I don’t know. It is just a papermate pen. Does that make me a thief?} My co-workers all know about my blue pen. I will hunt you down if you happen to walk off with my blue pen – how else would I have held on to a papermate pen for 7 years?!
  3. Marching Band – I love listening to the marching band play! It just gets me excited! The drums doing their cadences so loudly your chest thumps. The kids all working together. I just love listening to them. And watching the shows progress each week! So very cool. I was not in marching band. I, graciously gave our high school band the pleasure of not having me play. I don’t have a musical cell in my body {I hear I might get that from my Uncle Denny}, but I love listening to others make beautiful music. So glad my kids got that gene from their dad!

That’s it. 3 Awesome Things about back to school; changes in routines, school supplies and marching band!

What are your 3 Awesome Things about back to school?


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3 Awesome Things

I’m in a bit of a funk. Feeling unsettled, out of sync, just kind of ughish. (Ya, I just made that word up.) It happens. And I’m working my way out of it. It may have to do with the end of the summer being here. Or the anticipation of sending Oldest Son back to college. Maybe it is the valley after some mountaintop experiences. Whatever the cause, I’m ready to move beyond it!

As I was thinking about it (something my Middle Brother says I do way too much of) I was reminded of the need to fill my head with positive thoughts. I am a big believer in mind over matter. I know we control much of what happens in our lives by the way we think about, respond to and remember events. It is really easy to take yourself down a dreary path of self-doubt or second guessing.

My solution:

Awesome Things!

I’m starting a new weekly post called Three Awesome Things! I’ll pick a topic each week and share Three Awesome Things! Maybe you even have some suggestions for me?! Let me hear them! I’ll do my best:). Let’s fill our heads with awesomeness!

But you’ll have to wait for tomorrow for this week’s Three Awesome Things! Oh, the anticipation!!!


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