But Wait…There’s More

I got a text from Oldest Son tonight.

“So we picked an apartment.”

My response?


What I really wanted to say is, “Wait, just hang on a second. I forgot to tell you some things.”

Lots of things actually. Things like deposits and renters insurance. Utility deposits and the cost difference of gas verse electric heating. The importance of reading the fine print before you sign anything. I suddenly felt apprehensive, like when we first left him with a baby sitter. Or when you drop them off at their first overnight camp. Did I remember to tell him…

I think that’s the hallmark of parenting; always feeling like there is more to teach. More life lessons to share. I know  I continue to learn from my parents, the lessons just come differently. More of me asking and less of them telling if that makes sense.

The reality is, he’s a smart kid. Actually, he’s a smart man. He’s 20 years old. That happened when I blinked. He is smart, and grounded, and responsible. There really isn’t anything to worry about. And I’m not so much worried as maybe awakened; brought back to reality. I think back to how terribly hard it was when he left for college. How I was so happy for him, but really unsure of how I would survive with him gone from our daily routine. I survived and we settled into a new normal. He does his thing and we love having him come home every few months.

I guess this was just one more step on his journey to creating his own life. It’s all good. He will be fine.

The bonus is I have three sons! That means I get three chances to do it right:). Next up, Middle Son heads off to college in the fall. And then I learn to have kids at different colleges with different schedules and a long ways apart. And we will go back to having one son at home. Youngest Son has never been the “only child” in the house. What will that be like?

Life is again changing at break-neck speed, just like when we went from a couple to a family of 5 in 4 years and 4 months. It will only take 4 short years to go from a family of 5 to empty nesters.

Life it is a changing.


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