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Today is a milestone day for the Oberheu Family.

It was a short-lived, for less than 3 years I had 3 teenage boys. Now I am back to two, but on the I’m-gonna-survive side.

Our Oldest Son is 20 today! I cannot believe I have a 20 year old son! I’m not that old!? Really! But I digress, because this is not about me.

This post is about my 20 year old son! I thought it would be fun to share 20 things I love about him on his birthday!

  1. He is compassionate
  2. He is loyal to his friends, his family, his job
  3. He helps his brothers with homework, and social things and responsibility and life stuff
  4. He is independent and self sufficient
  5. He fixes things and knows how things work
  6. He stretches me and challenges me in an uncomfortable, but good way
  7. He is open minded and non-judgmental
  8. He has convictions and lives his life by them
  9. He is musical, music moves him
  10. He is a genius at math
  11. He’s driven by his dreams and goals
  12. He is frugal
  13. He is honest, but not brutally honest
  14. He is a man of integrity
  15. He respects his grandparents tremendously
  16. He values friendship
  17. I don’t worry about him making bad choices
  18. He doesn’t drink soda…but he’s started drinking coffee
  19. He dreams of having a wife and children some day
  20. He will always be my baby boy

I love that kid so much! And I’m so proud of the man he has become! I saw a picture on Facebook recently of him playing with the marching band. When I shared it several people commented on how he looks like such a man not a teenager. Makes me a little weepy, but it’s true. He really has grown into a man right before my eyes. He survived the geeky teen years and came out the other side a handsome, respected young man!

Way to go Oldest Son! You Rock!


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