Another Senior Year Commences

It’s hard to believe. Middle Son is a high school senior. Today he begins his last year of high school.

I thought it would be easier the second time around. Knowing what to expect, what’s in store for me.

I think it’s just like having babies though. I was sure the second delivery would be half the length of the first – that’s what they tell you.

{Don’t believe that! It’s dangerous. When you pass the half way point, labor becomes much harder. Like it’s all added work you weren’t expecting! You were supposed to be done by now. This isn’t fair!}

Senior year round two shouldn’t be like that…should it? I’ve been through this before. I know the ropes, I’ve learned a thing or two. I can anticipate and sidestep some of the mistakes I made the first time around.

But the part of senior year that is so hard is the anticipation. Knowing that at the end of all this celebrating, all the parties, final hurrah’s, and recognition of accomplishments lies a separation. One that I have worked toward, planned for and frankly dreamed about. It really is the whole goal of raising children; that they become thinking, serving, faith filled adults who make a life for themselves outside of Mom and Dad. Parenting is all about working yourself out of a job. Or maybe into a new role. Working toward the time when you are a sounding board, a source of solicited advice, and maybe even a friend.

I guess thinking that can all happen without lots of heart ache, and growing pains is naive. Even if I have been through it once before. This kid is different. He’s unique just like our relationship. This journey will look different from the last senior year. And different from the one yet to come. It will be uniquely Middle Son.

I can’t wait for the journey, and the tears and the celebrations.

Love this kid so much and am so very excited to see where he takes his life!

Carter 16



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2 responses to “Another Senior Year Commences

  1. You are so right…every one is different. Our youngest graduated from HS in May, and is off to college in three days. And this one is by far the hardest – it’s the last everything. Walking out of our beloved high school for the very last time completely tore me up. So my best advice is to enjoy every single minute while it lasts. Best of everything to you. -Amy

    • Good luck with this transition Amy. I can’t imagine that – although it’s just a few short years away. I think God prepares our hearts if we just let Him. Finding new interests and hobbies, focusing differently on career, connecting with friends in deeper more meaningful ways – all help to ease the transitions. I will continue to savor each event and work to be present:).
      Thanks for stopping by!

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