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Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time this girl had a blog….and she wrote pretty regularly. Sometimes she was really poignant and serious and sometimes she was kinda funny. She wrote a lot about her family and a little about creativity. She loved to write and blog posts seemed to come to her everywhere. She had a hard time capturing all the ideas as quickly as they came. There was always another post swirling in her head.

And then one day she realized it’s been weeks since she posted. {She thought it had been longer actually!} What could have happened to distract her from her writing she wondered. Hmmm….let’s see.

January sucked!

That pretty much sums it up.

It seems like January is always a tough month. We have lots of family birthdays and when the kids were little that meant parties. And of course it’s Pinewood Derby month. It was just always crazy. This year, it was a different kind of crazy. Like sad crazy. Two of my uncles passed away in January. And it kind of threw me for a loop. Their deaths brought up all kinds of things I would rather not think about. I traveled back home to my parents for both funerals just two weeks apart. That’s not right. And we sandwiched a soccer tournament 7 hours away the weekend in between. Throw in a kid with the flu and three weeks later another one home sick for a week. Some parent teacher conferences that went less than smashingly. It was just rough.

Now it’s the middle of February. Wow! Time to pull this year together, get intentional.

Time to put the craziness to bed and get back on track. Here’s to good news and positive attitudes!


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