What a Difference a Weekend Makes

I think calling myself out her on the blog was motivating. This weekend I got in gear and did what decorating we plan to do this year. I think it turned out lovely, just enough. My biggest anxiety this year was about the fact that I will have to take it all down and pack it up in a few short weeks. I know, lame. I will say I’ve heard lots of others say they just can’t get in the spirit this year. Don’t know what’s up with that. Either way, I think I really need to sort through all my decorations and reorganize things before I put it away this year. Ugh. I don’t enjoy that part.

But I’m just not going to think about that right now. I’m going to enjoy for now.

Baskets of ornaments are always festive.


I didn’t pull out any of our traditional ornaments for the tree. We bought some new teal balls and pulled the purple ones out of the ornament bin. I wanted garland, but wasn’t finding anything I liked. Until I stumbled on this.


I just love it! It’s actually yarn with pom poms! How fun is that? Simple and a little funky.

I have lots of nativities. I only put out three this year. This traditional one.


This one is the my oldest. It’s been through a lot. And I love it.


I worked a little magic on the frame from this post. I think it turned out pretty cute.


I really love the aqua/teal. It makes me happy.


And of course, I did some fun things on the mantel!


I love the one red ornament.


The only down side….I have this to clean up!


The whole dining room table covered in stuff. Ugh! The remnants of my creativity.

And I might have a slight addiction to ribbon…


There are worse things to be addicted to:).



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2 responses to “What a Difference a Weekend Makes

  1. Pam B

    This blog cracked me up…we are sooo related. Teal, ribbon addictions, dining table full of Christmas decorations..the list goes on. I’m starting to feel normal now.

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