A Pinterest Christmas

Are you having a Pinterest Christmas? You know, where you get fabulous ideas and implement them all and they turn out exactly like the picture and the angels sing the hallelujah chorus right there in your house? Here’s my Pinterest Christmas.

A beautiful decoration for the front porch!

 Whip up some ribbon trees for the sideboard.

Ribbon Trees

Throw a beautiful printable in a lovely frame.

Free Chalkboard Christmas Printables

Add a little pretty to the mantel.

how to decorate a mantel

Ahh, the beauty of Christmas so elegantly displayed in my home. Warms the heart doesn’t it?

It would.

If I had done any of those things!


Not one.

Those are some really talented ladies! You should click on the pictures and visit their blogs:).

But this is my handiwork this year.

My tree. It’s looked like this for over  a week.

The mantel. I think I captured the minimalist movement quite well don’t you?


How about my dining room table centerpiece? You’re so jealous!


I did manage to change out the fabric on my board {thanks Mom for helping me pick it out!}


I do love the fabric and it’s a perfect shade of red – to match my walls!


I have gathered some things. I’m working on changing the colors for this year. When I painted my dining room/kitchen an orangey-red, I wasn’t thinking about Christmas. But I really love this teal/aqua color and would like to incorporate it. So that’s the direction I’m going. But I’m just not getting a vision. And so, this is what I have.


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by Pinterest? By Christmas? By peer pressure? Even grown ups have peer pressure. It’s called “keeping up with the Jones’!”

Guess I better get going. I’ve got a lot of work to do to get this house in shape for Christmas!



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5 responses to “A Pinterest Christmas

  1. You just made me feel so much better! My tree is up and plugged in, but not fluffed…no tree skirt…no other decorations out of storage. I thought I was the last one!

  2. Hi, Judy! You’re way ahead of me this year. My tree isn’t up, nothing on the door, not even a holiday candle on the table. With my father-in-law’s recent passing and funeral (which lasted 14 days), I feel overwhelmed and just can’t seem to get myself started. have bought minimal gifts, but I’m hosting my family again this year – OH MY!! Daily tasks are all I can handle – I CAN DO THIS, right?! Wishing for a Christmas fairy’s help this year 😀

    All My best to you and your family this holiday season.


    • Carla,
      So sorry to hear about your father-in-law. I say cut yourself some slack this year. Focus only on the things that mean the very most – which is probably not any of the “stuff”! And delegate! I’m sure your family would love to help make it a special holiday, let them! You can totally do this!
      Happy Holidays to you and your family.

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