Sometimes it’s Hard


Being a good mom. wife. daughter. friend.

Helping with kids’ activities.

Keeping my house clean and organized.

Helping kids pick careers and colleges.

Managing daily schedules.

Helping kids navigate living away from home.

Trying to support them when they feel lost.

Motivating them when they can’t seem to find it on their own.

Challenging them to write a better English paper.

Making sure there is something for dinner. or breakfast.

Trying to eat healthier.

Scheduling doctor appointments.

Deciding whether to refinance the house.

Finding time to be creative.

Feeling guilty when I can’t do it all.

Making time for things that feed my soul.

Working full-time.

Doing my job well.

Giving 100%.

Alway feeling like I’ve forgotten something.

Hiring new staff.

Being present in the moment.

Covering for open positions.

Trying to make the biggest impact.

Remembering why I do what I do.

It’s so much.

Acknowledging the troubles I have are small.

Loving myself enough.

Knowing I am not alone.

Realizing I am so blessed.

And still feeling overwhelmed.

Sometimes life is hard.


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