I love the change of seasons! I always have. I think it might be the fact that I like changes. I get bored with the same old thing. And seasons changing are the ultimate way to mix it up. I don’t think I could live in a place that didn’t have 4 distinct seasons each year.

Spring and Fall are usually tops on my list since they seem like the first hint of change. And then there’s the first snowfall of the year – that’s huge too! They bring changes in routines, activities and even wardrobes! It’s fun!

I like anticipating the changes. Wondering what it will be like and what new scents, sights and experiences there will be. It’s all good and exciting!

Other changes in seasons? I’m not such a fan.

I’m missing Oldest Son a lot. And missing our family, having us all together. Apparently we have unique relationships in our family. We are all really tight. The boys are eachothers’ best friends. And we like hanging out together. Yes, they like hanging out with their friends too, but they don’t mind being around us. In fact, each of the boys, at different times has talked to me about conversations with friends where they discovered not every family is like ours. It often comes in the form of someone saying their parents don’t like them. That breaks my heart! I know kids can be dramatic and I really doubt (and pray) that this isn’t accurate. But still, when a kid tells others his/her parents don’t like them?! How sad. That hurts my heart. I can’t imagine my kids thinking I don’t like them or want to be around them. I just don’t get it. I guess we’re a little strange.

Some changes in seasons are hard. Like the changes in seasons of life. Oldest Son left for college in mid-August and has been home for a weekend and a Saturday. I’m ready for him to come home for a week! Thanksgiving can’t get here fast enough. I know, I’m lucky he has been home at all! And he is having a great time in college. It’s all good. But it doesn’t mean every day of change is easy.

Today I’m really missing that boy. Tomorrow is a new day.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…   Ecclesiastes 3:1



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2 responses to “Seasons

  1. Our families are so similar…. I love that! It’s been a new dynamic for us to only have the older son at home every day…. Finally txt’d the younger a week ago and said that I missed his face ad needed to see him. Having him an hour away is great. Enjoy thanksgiving… It is my absolute favorite holiday. Wishing you fun in the changes!!

  2. I also enjoy the change of seasons though I wouldn’t mind winter being shorter.
    I hope older brother is doing well at school and that you enjoy his Thanksgiving break.

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