It’s a Habit

So tomorrow it will be four weeks of trying to eat healthier. And I haven’t given up yet! If anything, it is becoming more second nature. I thought I would share how I’m going about it this time around.

It’s really a simple approach. I am just counting calories. I’ve used an app called Lose It and for the past four weeks I’ve simply tracked the calories I’m eating. Nothing else. No exercise, no fat vs carbs, no goal of how many fruits or vegetables. Just counting calories. I do love the app because it allows me to scan the barcode of anything or I can search the database for the item. That’s all. Journal everything in the app. It does take some extra time, but not much and the fact that I can do it on my phone is huge for me.

The second thing is giving myself some room. I read in a very old magazine {because I keep them and go back to read things years later:)} about the 80/20 rule when it comes to dieting. You could really apply it to anything. Follow the plan 80% of the time and allow yourself grace 20% of the time. This is working for me. It allows me some grey area. Times when I know it will be hard to journal everything, and when I know I will be eating some not-so-good-for-me foods. I don’t feel guilty or stress about it. And more importantly, it doesn’t make me give up. I don’t know if that happens to anyone else, but if I mess up its very tempting to give up. I’ve blown it so its over. Or I feel so bad about it I think I’ll never be successful and so I don’t try. Maybe I’m the only one that happens to:). This 80/20 rule gives me the freedom to take an evening off or not record a meal without throwing in the towel completely. And what I’ve found is that most of the time I at least try to estimate what I have eaten. Or I plan for that higher calorie meal and don’t end up going over by much if at all. It’s a happy consequence.

That’s my super simple plan.

And now that it’s been four weeks, I’m thinking about what the next phase will be. I have a goal I want to reach by Christmas and though this has gone better than expected, I know that I will hit a wall before long where I quit losing and plateau. I need a plan in place for when that time comes. It will be some kind of exercise. Maybe just adding a pedometer. Or maybe I’ll join Middle Son in his P90X workouts…that might kill me. Any suggestions? What can I do to add exercise without taking up hours of my day? I don’t have hours to spare and if it’s really time consuming it won’t fit into my life right now. There has to be ways I can build exercise into my already busy day. I’ll be thinking on that next. Wish me luck!

Note: This post was written two weeks ago:)!



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8 responses to “It’s a Habit

  1. I have the same problem trying to find time for exercise in my schedule.My solution is to walk for about twenty minutes in during lunch hour. It is not much but better than nothing.

  2. About a month ago I purchased a FitBit pedometer. I really like it. You can get an app for your phone to see how you are doing with your goals, and the full stats on the computer are great. The best thing…the website is free. The pedometer was about $100, but so far, I think it was worth it. I am amazed at how little I walk in a day.

    Just a suggestion for if you want to go that route to start with. In my opinion, starting slow is better, since I tend to get discouraged when I can’t keep up with a video.

    Cheering you on!

    • Thanks for the suggestion! Maybe that will go on my Christmas list:)! I love the idea of a phone app to track since I’m sure I don’t walk as much as I think. And yes, I agree, starting slow will make me more successful! Keep the suggestions coming:)!

  3. Sheryl

    Keep up the good work! I also don’t have a much time for exercise so I move whenever I can-step side to side when filling a glass of water; knee raises or jogging in place when brushing teeth etc. I do sometimes get my kids rolling their eyes at me but whatever it takes to her moving.

    • I can imagine the kids’ reaction to that! But that’s a good idea, there are probably things I can do while sitting at my desk all day at work! I’ll have to think of some ideas for that. I think you’re right, fitting it in whenever will be key!

  4. Pick something you enjoy doing to help you stick with it. As gudbjorg2 mentioned, exercise doesn’t have to be a significant time investment. For weight loss, 30-40 minutes of exercise 4-5 days per week is ideal, but it’s most important to set realistic goals to fit your lifestyle.

    Be sure to include weight-bearing exercises (walking, jogging, dancing, light hand weights) in your weekly regimen to keep your bones healthy. Best of luck!

  5. Your post really resonated with me… I’ve downloaded that app too. Am hoping that a simple awareness of my caloric intake will help… and am really proud of you for sticking to this! Congrats!

    As for adding activity to the day, I’ve got a new job at the winery and am doing events instead of just working the tasting room. It’s been tons of fun. If you every get a moment, check out my new wine blog? It’s
    Hope all is well!!

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