Still Trying

So, it’s been 3 weeks. 21 days since I decided to make a change; to lose weight and eat healthier. But I’m still not ready to go public. I just can’t yet. And that’s ok.

I will share this at some point, but not right now. I have learned some things. About food and about myself.

  1. Healthy foods have fewer calories. Generally speaking, if something is good for you it’s probably not loaded with calories. And yes, this is kind of a DUH statement.
  2. Fruits and vegetables fill me up and stick with me longer. I can eat an apple at 3:30 and hold off until 8 pm to eat dinner. That’s a big deal!
  3. When I eat fewer carbs, I want them less. Conversely, when I give in and have a gooey cinnamon roll, even though I stay within my calories, I want more! I think it may be easier to just stay away than to go through the “withdrawal”!
  4. It takes work for me to eat healthy. But I think it will get easier. Making sure we have good food to eat and prepare meals from is important and time-consuming!
  5. It doesn’t take me as long to make a nutritious meal. We will quite often grill some meat and have a salad or vegetable with it.Super quick and easy. I didn’t realize how much time I spent making a starch for every meal!

I’m happy with how things have gone this first three weeks. I’ve lost an appropriate amount of weight and I’ve stuck with my plan. I think that’s success at this point. And more importantly its having the desired effect on the person I love who first called me out on this. That’s what really matters.

So no revelations and nothing earth shattering about what I’m doing. It isn’t a game changer, for anyone but me and my family. But it is progress and insight and I have momentum. Here’s to maintaining the inertia:)!

Note: This post was written 2 weeks ago:)!



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11 responses to “Still Trying

  1. allaccesspass

    You’ve learned some valuable lessons…#3 is huge. Stay away from bad foods and you won’t even crave them anymore! Keep it up!!!

  2. Oh, I am so happy for you!!!!! Let me know if I can help you with resources of inspiration:) You are FABULOUS and you can set your own levels of success. You will do it, I just know it!

  3. Keep going Judy. You can do it. I struggle every day with making the right choices. I know, you’re going say “you’re tall what do you have to worry about.” Extra weight gets hidden easier for me..but it’s so hard getting rid of it. I’ve got a food and nutrition degree–I know what I’m suppose to do. I’ve done weight watchers and it’s affirmed what I’m suppose to do. But dang it, I love food. I eat when I’m stressed (that’s a bad combination.) So, I have a goal to acheive. I have a plan to achieve it and I take one day at a time to work on it. I have two beautiful little girls that are going to have issues, too, if I don’t teach them right.

    • Heidi, It is so easy for us to look at someone else and think they have it easier! We all have our struggles. I love what you said, I know what I’m supposed to do. Truth. But food is good! That motivation of legacy for our children is powerful! Good luck on your goal! I’ve known you for what, 30 years? And you are one determined, driven woman! You will do whatever you set your mind to!
      Keep me posted on your progress, we can encourage eachother:)!

  4. Dear Judy:
    Your posts discussing your weight loss and healthy living journey are inspiring. (In fact, I’m planning to share your story on my blog.) I love the fact that your realizations are honest. Eating right isn’t always easy, but it’s the best choice to stay healthy for your family. It does get easier, though! Laying the ground work and sticking to your healthy lifestyle plan are huge milestones. Just as Heidi K. mentioned, even though I’m a personal trainer, it’s a purposeful effort to make the right food choices each day. Congratulations to you!

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