The Call

I got the call parents of teen drivers dread. {Ok, one of the calls.}

Mom, I got hit.

It’s funny how you switch into a whole different mode when something like that happens. It’s hyper-controlled Mom mode. Making split second decisions and moving twice as fast. The questions fly while trying to maintain a calm demeanor for a teen dealing with his first accident. Assessing the situation while driving to meet him is nerve-wracking.

As car accidents go, this was a great first accident! Middle Son was leaving the high school parking lot, looking for oncoming traffic before pulling out onto the circle drive. Unfortunately, that’s the moment a school administrator decided to back out of his parking spot. He didn’t even see Middles Son’s car and Middle Son didn’t even know what hit him. Neither of them were hurt, but both vehicles had some damage. The administrator was great, he could see how upset Middle Son was and told him to call his parents. I’m sure it was not an ideal situation for him either. He took responsibility and his insurance company has been great to work with so far. The car is already at the garage and we are picking up our rental today to get the family around until the car is fixed. We really couldn’t ask for a better experience…if there has to be an accident that is.

Someone is a little stressed.

Ironically, we were school shopping earlier in the day and got on the subject of car insurance. We talked about comprehensive and collision, uninsured and underinsured motorist and why we carry the coverage we do. Less than two hours later, we are standing in the parking lot calling our insurance agent. We have now banned that subject, don’t want to jinx ourselves:).

So it was a big day for Middle Son, got a job and had his first {and let’s pray, last} car accident. So many lessons to learn.



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