Slowly Learning

Another summer has flown by without me. Each year is the same, you’d think I would catch on eventually. Maybe next summer. Each year as school lets out the lazy days of summer lie before us like a blank slate waiting to be filled with adventure. We make plans. We dream. We change our pace. It’s a time filled with potential and excitement.

June is packed with sports camps, mission trips, and summer fun. July 4th seems so far off. But inevitably it will sneak up on me. I rarely get decorations out for this holiday. It seems I wake up one day and realize it’s less than a week away. It’s too much work to get everything out for a week. Especially when we are gone; there is usually some kind of visit to family in Iowa around the 4th.

And then suddenly, without warning, I look at the calendar and realize we are on the downhill side of summer and picking up speed.

That’s what happened a couple of days ago. I had a weekend to myself, all the guys were gone. I had to work on Saturday and made a quick stop at Target on my way home. I don’t even remember what I went in for, but I ended up by the school supplies. And that’s when it hit me! Summer is over and we’re behind on the back-to-school prep. There is so much to do this year. We’re blazing a new path – adding college preparations to our high school routine. That’s a whole new ballgame.

Oldest son leaves for college in less than three weeks. Whoa! I’m so not ready for that. As I stood there in Target I began pelting him with texts.

What colors do you want in your dorm room?

Are you going to use your quilt or a comforter?

There were so many questions running through my mind. Thankfully I didn’t text them all to him. I may have come off as a crazy Mom! So my solution? I bought a set of sheets. Like that makes it all ok. Just one set of sheets and he’s ready for college. We can finish our summer in peace. I thought about buying more than one set. And then I remembered…I have a son. If they get washed more than once a semester I will feel like I have succeeded as a parent.

So the move out preparations have begun. {And I know the weepiness is right around the corner. I’m super excited for him. But I’m gonna miss seeing his happy face.} And the other two boys couldn’t be happier. This transition means they will no longer be sharing a bedroom. I think that might prove to be a happy thing for all of us. The silver lining in the cloud.

Maybe next year I will see it coming and not be caught by surprise…but I doubt it:)!



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3 responses to “Slowly Learning

  1. Don’t say that. I am not ready for the summer to end. I am going to enjoy August. Don’t rush the time.

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