Living Deliberately

Today I’m excited to have my first guest post on my blog! My good friend Rhonda Hale Warren is sharing some tips in response to Monday’s post. Rhonda and I met when we worked together a few years ago. Her energy and positive attitude immediately drew me to her.  She is one of the people in my life I feel better for knowing. She stretches, encourages and teaches me with a genuine heart. What more could you want in a friend?

And I credit her with me getting into this whole blog world! So how fitting that she would be my first guest blogger:).

 In response to Judy’s reflective and incredibly honest post from earlier this week, Vacation Whiplash, I must applaud her for her awareness of the empowerment that comes from choosing how we live our lives. YES, she can choose and have control over the things that she wants to achieve each day…she can choose to live deliberately. We DO have a choice. It’s all about being aware.

 But how can YOU get this process started and stick with it (that’s always the hard part, right?). Just saying, “I have the choice!!” seems so easy and although I believe in self-affirmations, simply saying it isn’t enough.

 Awareness is key, don’t get me wrong, so proclaiming, “I have the choice” daily will be beneficial (and I dare you to do it in front of your kids or coworkers), but I firmly believe in coupling awareness with action to lead to achievement.

To simplify: Awareness + Action = Achievement (and believe me, this is really simplified)

Now that Judy is aware of her choice, she must take action in living out that choice daily to achieve the goals she truly desires, like crafting more and deliberately making more time for friends. And the same goes for you. Let’s say that you are aware that your daily schedule is wearing on your overall wellness and keeping you from your goals. To start, you must clarify your specific goals around your wellness needs, come up with an action plan to get to those goals, and finally implement the action to achieve your goals.

And this is a process, but try not to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes it will come easier than other times. But if you take away nothing else from this post, know that the surest way to get started on your path to achieving your truest goals is to check the status of your awareness. In the aforementioned example, if you are blaming your lack of wellness on, say, your job, when really its due to your lack of awareness of your entire daily schedule (kids, charities, overcommitment), you will never achieve your true wellness goals. If you don’t know what needs to change, you’ll never achieve what you truly want. Judy could go on thinking that because of her chaotic schedule, she can never really achieve her daily goals. But instead, she became aware of her choice and her need to live deliberately. She can now plan action steps around that awareness and get started on her path to achieving her goals.

So how about you? What needs to change right now in your life to help you achieve your true goals? Awareness, clarification around goals and action steps can be difficult, but I’m here to help! If you are in need of some help with awareness, making action plans or need more information, please visit my site,

My hope is that you discover some awareness this week to get you started on your path to JOY.

Be well,
Rhonda Hale Warren


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  1. EXCELLENT post! Thank you. “Check the status of your awareness…” is a wonderful reminder.

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