How I Know My Boys are Not Home

The boys are out of town for the week. I know this because I left them at their grandparents when I came home.
I would also know it from several clues around the house.

  • There are no underwear, clean or dirty, laying in my living room.
  • The ice-cube trays are full of strawberry daiquaries – for a little party later today.
  • I haven’t said, “You two get away from each other right now!” for more than 24 hours.
  • The dishwasher hasn’t been run in over 24 hours.
  • The clean dishes are still sitting in the dishwasher – I HATE emptying the dishwasher! I usually delegate that job.
  • I have food in the refrigerator!
  • I haven’t seen Skyrim on my TV in days.
  • I have taken the dog out and fed her!
  • No one has stayed out til 2 am and slept til noon.
  • I haven’t tripped over a tennis or soccer ball in my kitchen.
  • I had to scrape together enough clothes for one load.

I can’t imagine the house being this quiet every day. It’s kind of killer. It’s funny how I long for time to myself when I can craft, read, organize or whatever I want without interruptions. I crave the freedom to “do as I please” for a bit, without responsibility for making dinner for the family, driving kids to activities, or just managing 5 people’s lives. And then when they are gone I miss them like crazy. Maybe what I really want is just little bits of respite mixed in amongst the crazies of my life? Like so many things, we just want what we don’t have. I just want a tiny bit of a break in every day, spread throughout. Not a week without them. Or maybe this will just make me appreciate all the craziness that much more. I can add that to my to-do list for the week; figure out how to incorporate some me time in every day.

I love my crazy family!



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3 responses to “How I Know My Boys are Not Home

  1. I know this one, rare though they are!

  2. I really think this is why our kids leave home at different times…. To help US adjust to the changes in the house gradually.

    At some point, life will go back to you and your hubby, with the boys visiting on occasion. Here’s your sample of *that* life, without having to be there yet. I have learned ways to “fill the void” left when my boys go off to school or go out on their own. It took some doing, but I’ve found that I try harder to enjoy them when they’re around all the time (breaks and summer) but appreciate the slower, less chaotic pace of our “just the two of us” life.

    Hope you get enough time away from them to enjoy them even more when you see them again! Your empty nest is gettin closer every day…. 😉

  3. Thr space sounds nice though I can imagine missing them after a week.

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