Going Home

There is something about going home that just makes everything feel right. We’ve been at my parents’ house for a quick visit. I hate that it always seems to be a quick visit, but I’ll take what I can get.

We are trying to fit lots in like usual. And since we have become experts at building retaining walls, we tackled a rebuild on Dad’s.

We tore all the old brick out, dug a little deeper, back filled and replace all the bricks. It was quite warm outside! Which led to this.

We finished! Yay! All sunburned, hot and a little bit cranky, but it’s done.

We found this cute little guy behind the wall. We set him free by the pond in the back.

And I helped Mom with some computer stuff. Just some basics.

There may or may not have been fingernail painting going on.

Lots of sitting around the table chatting. And eating.

I love that! Just relaxing and spending time together.

And maybe some tennis for a couple of boys.

My brother and his family came for supper. I took pictures, but they were totally unflattering. And being the awesome SIL that I am, I’m not posting them here. I’ll do better next time. Promise.

There is always something silly going on. This is the bowl my brother got out for his ice cream. It’s bigger than the pie!

Love how ridiculous my family is!

The best part, for Sunday dinner my mom made my favorite Sunday dinner!

The thing that says “Sundays growing up” to me. And no one makes it like my mom.

Delish. I love going home.

Now we are back home, sans kids and I have a To-do list that will keep me quite busy all week.

Let’s get to work!



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5 responses to “Going Home

  1. I get home so infrequently and can totally appreciate your feelings of going home. Glad you’re able to enjoy your parents and share them, and their memories, with your boys. Have a great time tackling your to-do list! 🙂

  2. I loved Sunday dinners at your house! Hope you are able to tackle most of your projects. I typically set the bar too high, then find something fun to do instead of anything on my list. 🙂

  3. Im “going home” from NY to TX on Saturday so I loved reading this and thinking about own plans for seeing family. Thanks

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