Thankful and Creeped Out

I got an email from my mom. It had two pictures attached. And a very short note: “Let me know if you get these.”

That was it.

The subject was: our stone.

Of course I immediately thought of kidney stones. See, my dad frequently has medical things going on. And he loves to share pictures with us. I will say, many of them are quite interesting and educational, but still a little strange. So I assumed someone had kidney stones and Dad took pictures.

I was wrong.

I opened the first picture and had a physical reaction. I gasped. Then I got goose bumps. Then I closed the picture.

I clicked on the second one. Even worse! Chills up and down my spine.

The pictures were of their headstone. You know, like for a grave. Big and granite. With my parents’ names on it! I really don’t want to see this. I refuse. It is a lovely stone. And the pictures they have on it are perfect. But I don’t want to think about this. It has however, led to a few things running through my mind.

  1. I don’t want to think about my parents’ mortality. I want to always be able to pick up the phone and call my mom to tell her about my terrible, no good, horrible day. I want to always be able to call my dad and ask him how to fix the leaky shower. And I should be able to do that for a very long time! My parents are young and so am I {stop laughing!}. We have lots of years left to spend together.
  2. I’m glad they have taken care of this so that in another 50+ years when I’m faced with their death, this is one thing I don’t have to think about. I appreciate that they are planning ahead and making these arrangement so that my brothers and I can focus on fighting over their stuff {kidding, really!} I think it is a gift to eachother and to their children to do this now. Thanks Mom and Dad!
  3. It occured to me that I have no idea what I would put on my headstone. I don’t know what would define who I am. What would capture my whole life. Gravestones are around for a very long time – there’s no changing your mind later. I hope I have some time to figure this out. If not, whatever you come up with will be perfect, Honey.

Our stone.

Not what I expected.

But I am thankful…and a little creeped out.



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2 responses to “Thankful and Creeped Out

  1. Throwing mom’s cremains over a mountain cliff wasn’t something on my bucket list. Seeing my mom’s cremains wasn’t even remotely on any list anywhere. I’m so not ready for all this.

  2. Damn! I don’t blame you. I would have been freaked as well.

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