Taking a Little Leap

I’ve been playing with photography for the last year or so. Really enjoying learning more about my camera and finding my own style of photography. Taking pictures has become one of the things that feeds my soul. Capturing something from a unique angle or perspective; something that moves me, that’s what I love.

I’ve taken engagement, wedding and senior pictures. One time each. Not a pro yet. But an avid hobbyist. I’ve gotten positive feedback from the friends who have seen my work. And lately I’ve been asked to photograph some specific events or take pictures for a specific need. I think that’s a vote of confidence in my work. I’ve gone back and forth about whether this is the time in my life when I can pursue this interest more fully. Each time I’ve contemplated setting it aside another opportunity pops up. Doors have been closing and opening like crazy! I’m taking this as a sign that its time to jump in and see where it takes me.

So I decided to follow my gut on this one. To take a little risk.

The package came in the mail. 

I couldn’t wait to open it.

I love packages and this one was extra exciting!

Funny that it says that because I really did want to go schedule a meeting! Just so I could show off my new business cards.

I’m so excited! They make me happy. Not even nervous. Just ready to get this party started:)!

I picked seven photos I love to go on the back of my cards. They turned out fabulous!

My next steps are around marketing my business. I have a plan and I’ll be working it diligently. I will continue to post some of my favorite pictures on my photo blog, From My Perspective, so you can follow me there.

But the greatest tool I have is YOU! My network. So many of you have been supportive of my work and I appreciate the vote of confidence so much! Now I need your help! I need friends to make referrals for me. Is that too much to ask? How about you take a look at my work here and on my other blog and if you like what you see, tell a friend? I would be ever so grateful!



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2 responses to “Taking a Little Leap

  1. Great idea! Good Luck to you.

  2. Best of luck! Your cards look wonderful 🙂 I use a lot of photography on my own blog, so will have to hop on over to your other one and see what’s there too!

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