A very long time ago, when he was probably 8 years old or maybe a little younger, Oldest Son was laying on the floor in the kitchen with his legs up against the cabinets. He was looking out the window and in the most nonchalant voice told me, “When I grow up I’m going to be  a squirrel.”

It made me giggle. I kind of didn’t want to tell him he couldn’t be a squirrel. I mean, why crush a child’s dreams. What could it hurt?

Except if he were to go to school and tell kids he wanted to be  a squirrel…well that could be awkward.

Fast forward to last week. It was Thursday morning and Oldest Son would be graduating from high school that evening. I looked out the kitchen window as I’ve done hundreds of times. But on this morning I saw something that made me grab my camera.

There was the cutest little squirrel. And it stood there so patiently waiting for me to get my camera and capture the shot. It was almost as though it was posing for me.

Maybe it was a reminder for me of who that little boy was. Of the dreams he had of growing up. Maybe that squirrel was there to give me a moment of pause and reflection on how far he has come. Being my first to graduate I was feeling a little sentimental. Could it be a divine message to be present in the moment and enjoy the events of the day?



It was just a squirrel in the backyard.

But that’s not nearly as deep!



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3 responses to “Squirrel

  1. I love the idea of the divine, reminding you to enjoy the moment. I hope you were able to take moments, during his big event, to savor the event? We had a difficult time of that tho past weekend…. Too many distractions and elder demands on my attention to enjoy and savor as much as I would have liked. Wishing you a glimpse of divine during events as dear as these… Even if they show up days later. Thinking of you!!

  2. LB

    this totally made me cry Judy. keep on keeping on!

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