Be Content

I put these words on the shelf in my dining room a couple months ago. I was playing with some scrabble letters for another craft project and this just struck me. Content is where I want to be. It’s comfortable. Not elated, not overjoyed, but content.

To me it says satisfied. Not wanting or lacking.

Having enough.

Enough joy, enough love, enough stuff, enough status, enough challenge, enough.

It’s about being ok with where I am in my life.

Not settling, but being ok.

That is where I continue to gravitate. To contentment. It’s what I seek, what I need.

And most days, it’s what I have.

I could have more stuff, more status, more joy. But I am content.

And when I came home from work today, and read those words. I am reminded to Be Content.

I have enough.

All will be ok.



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3 responses to “Be Content

  1. Ginny Hoeell

    More is overrated. I am happy for your contentment and appreciative of the reminder. Not a high score in Scrabble if you are looking at point value….how appropriate.

  2. Very thoughtful, and in the reading of this I realized that this is where I am the majority of the time – content. It’s a great place to be and I appreciate it so very much. Also appreciate your putting it into words. Thanks.

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