I can’t stop laughing. And I really shouldn’t be laughing at all.

It’s that whole I’m deliriously tired so I laugh thing.

One of my kids is trying to finish an assignment that is do tomorrow. It’s midnight. There’s no way he’s gonna get it done. Just isn’t gonna happen. He’s reading the directions  on the assignment and realizing he really picked the wrong book.

My response? To laugh hysterically and say, “your screwed!”

What kind of Mom does that? I mean really. Clearly, no one will accuse me of being a helicopter parent. Maybe that’s the blessing of being completely overwhelmed. No swooping in to fix things for the kids.

I’m about to start my own personal hell week. Remember those from college? The week before finals. It’s the right time of year, but a whole different kind of hell.

I leave at 8 am for a work trip. It’s midnight and my clothes are in the dryer. Nothing is packed. The house is a wreck. There is half-finished bunting strung between furniture in the living room.


The graduation invitations are done and waiting to be addressed and mailed tomorrow by the guys. I know they will get it done (yes, I’m crossing my fingers I’m right!).

Oldest Son’s wallet pics came in the mail today and they look awesome!

Hubby hauled 8 tons of gravel one wheelbarrow full at a time from the driveway to the back yard under the deck and where the new patio will go. I gave him pain pills and sleeping pills when he went to bed tonight. I hope he can walk tomorrow. He did get some help from the boys – I bet they’ll be sore too!

I’ve developed a sty or something in my eye. I’m waiting to wake up with my eye swollen shut. Kind of like Hitch. Wouldn’t that be awesome!

I got a fun email today asking me to take more pictures. That makes me happy.

We looked at the calendar tonight and I don’t think we can take a vacation this year. Sad. Very Sad. Usually it’s looking at the checkbook that makes me think we can’t take a vacation. But no, we have more money than time now. Only because we have no time at all! Ha!

Clearly, it’s time for me to hit the hay. 

So that’s my current chaos. I’ll keep you posted on the awesome grade he’s earning!


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  1. holycowimforty

    Sometimes kids need to be “screwed” over a project to learn their lesson. It’s a pity, but s__t happens. Your chaos sounds similar to my everyday living, lol.

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