Right Now

I’ve seen a few of these posts and thought it would be fun to try. Here goes!
Right now i am…..
watching: our dog Gracie pace around the front yard barking at us
drinking: nothing, had some wine earlier and thinking about heading to bed before midnight for a change
wearing: my pjs – outside- cause that’s how I roll
eating: nothing, had some cheese and crackers earlier to go with my wine. Not to be confused with my whine:)
listening: to Middle Son talk about the book he’s reading The God Gene; how faith is hardwired into our genes by Dean Hamer. Sounds like a good book.
avoiding: straightening up my house. I really don’t want to. Which means someone will stop by at any minute. That’s how it always happens!
wishing: I could relax and be in the moment right now. Lots of fun things happening. It’s all good, but it’s a lot of stuff. I want to enjoy it all, absorb it all. I know I will look back and wish I had smelled the new cedar (yes, I’m on my new half-finished deck).
feeling:  blessed. overwhelmed. excited. anxious. confident. nervous. lucky. melancholy. deep. behind. lonely.
missing:  my Mom! I need her to come visit me. And move closer so we can have lunch together. And she can give me decorating advice. And remind me to water my flowers. And other Mom stuff.
thankful: I can pick up the phone and call my mom.
craving: time on the beach in the Outer Banks
wondering: how I’m going to get it all done. How I will feel in a month. How on earth I got to this point – close to having a high school graduate. What it will be like when Oldest Son goes off to college.
praying: for peace. for calm and the ability to let it go. For patience. For my boys and all they have to do in the next couple weeks.
needing:  help in the prayer department. A few extra hours in the day – or maybe just a cleaning lady. To go to bed.
Good night!

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