On the Receiving End

I had a new experience yesterday. One that caught me totally off guard and touched my heart.

I had Hubby’s car and it was so dirty inside. I needed to pick up a presenter for a program we were hosting for work. There was really no way I could have them in that car as it was. Normally, I would go to the car wash and do it myself, washing and vacuuming with the coin operated machines. But there was no time for that. I decided to go to one of the car washes where they do it for you – exterior, interior, the works.

I have never done this before. I’ve never had someone clean my car for me (unless you count the kids – and, well, they aren’t so detail oriented when it comes to things like that). I wasn’t even sure what it was going to cost me, but I just didn’t have a choice.

I pulled into the Waterway and copied what the car in front of me was doing. When the attendant asked what he could do for me, I said clean all this up! The Whole Thing is the package he recommended. Sure. I’ll take it. He handed me the slip and I followed the car in front of me. When it was my turn the next attendant told me I could take the slip inside to pay while they washed, waxed and cleaned the car.

Let me back up here and give you a little perspective. Saturday was a brutal day for me. I was up at 5 am and worked at one of our local walks, swung thru the local QuikTrip for a soda and back on the road. The rest of the day involved prom and after prom and I finally got home at 3:30 am. It was a long day and I was pretty much useless on Sunday. Didn’t go anywhere or do much of anything.

So back to the car wash. I go inside and watch the man in front of me pay. That’s when I thought, “I should get my card out to make the line go faster.”

I pull my wallet out of my purse and open it to get my debit card.

It’s not there.

There is no debit card in my wallet.

And just that quickly I remember pulling it out to run into QuikTrip on Saturday. I bet it’s still in the back pocket of those pants.

But the car is already being washed.

Now, I’m rather panicked. What am I going to do? And no, I didn’t have a checkbook or cash. I asked the cashier if she could take the number off of my old card. Could that work?

And that’s when the gentleman ahead of me in line stopped, pulled his wallet back out of his pocket and said, “Here, put it on this card.”

I was stunned. This wasn’t a $4 car wash. This was a $30 car wash!

I protested.

He insisted.

I cried.

I was so moved that someone could be that generous with a total stranger in line at the car wash.

We walked outside together and talked while we waited for our cars. I told him about my 45 by 45 and how I had been in a slump. I promised to pay it forward.

And then he shook my hand and said, “I’m George, I hope the rest of your day is good.”

I don’t think it could get better than that.

I want to be like George.


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