Senior Year – Life in Fast Forward

Wow! Where did March go? In fact, where did February go? I feel like someone pushed the fast forward button on our lives and we are whizzing at break neck speed. It’s all a blur – only able to see snipits at a time. By the time I’ve figured out what I’m seeing, we’re on to the next event. I knew this year would go by fast, but honestly I had no idea. The fall semester seemed like any other year. I think it lulled me into a false sense of security. Spring semester has gone super fast!

It seems like once WPA hit there is no slowing down. And now we are into the home stretch with party planning, elementary school reunions, spring concerts, and finals. The calendar is filling quickly. It doesn’t help that this is a notoriously busy time of year at work and this year there are lots of staffing changes to manage as well. Throw in tennis season and a few doctors appointments for the boys and you have a highly scheduled life.

Fortunately, a friend shared her graduation timeline with me last fall. I spent some time then looking it over and thinking about what we will need to do. We have a plan and we’re ticking through it now. Tops on our list has been work in the backyard. It’s going super slowly, but we did make progress over spring break.

Three boys worked really hard! (And so did Hubby & I)

They dug this seriously long trench. And hauled lots of dirt!

Then we leveled it out and put down paver sand and the first row of blocks for our retaining wall. I was the one putting the blocks in place; carefully adjusting each one, turning the level both ways to make sure I created a perfect base for the wall. It was tedious. And not very comfortable sitting in there …there is a good reason there are no pictures of that part!

Our contractor friend who is helping us with the rest of our project came over when we had the first row on. He looked at my handiwork…and proceeded to step on the back of the blocks to make them tilt backwards! Apparently they need a little lean in them. All that leveling….for naught. The bright side? We only had one level in – can you imagine if the whole wall was built. We may have had a mutiny on our hands!

With our solid footing we moved on to the rest of the wall.

*Some boys definitely worked harder than others. I’m not mentioning any names, just sayin’ a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Coming together quite nicely.

That may or may not be a supervisor’s chair.

Contemplating the work.

You know I had to include one pic with a fun perspective!

Next it’s on to the deck and patio! And we have 36 days until the graduation party…no problem…

Live in the moment, let go of the ideal, keep it simple and laugh.

It’s all good and we are blessed.



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2 responses to “Senior Year – Life in Fast Forward

  1. Love the DIY, especially when it’s not just one person helping. Can’t wait to see the finished product pictures.

  2. Letha Markwardt

    Retaining wall looks really good. Our retaining wall is leaning north real bad. But can’t do anything about it for a while. Just hope it doesn’t fall over before we can fix it. Like the keep it simple and laugh.

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