T-Shirt Quilt

I’ve been saving the kids’ t-shirts for years! When Oldest Son out grew something it went to Middle Son, then Youngest Son. After everyone had outgrown a shirt we decided if it was for the t-shirt quilt or Goodwill.

And now we have three bins like this! Bags and bags of t-shirts. For the most part they are sorted by kid. I was pretty good about labeling the bags, but there are a few shirts that they all wore.

This was one of the projects on my “before Oldest Son graduates” list. Over Christmas break I dug out all the shirts and started sorting and counting.

I had 44 shirts for Oldest Son! And what a walk down memory lane that was! So fun to remember the outfits he wore and where he wore them.

I have seen lots of t-shirt quilts with all different kinds of designs. Most were traditional quilts with sashing between the shirts. They were awesome, but I had so many small shirts to use. I didn’t know how that could work. So I had something different in mind. I’d really been dreaming of essentially a crazy quilt. I wanted a style that would allow me to use all those tiny shirts I had kept. One that worked for all different sized pieces. I was thinking I could do this if I just picked a base size – like 3″x3″. Then as long as the pieces were all multiples of three it would work. I had this idea in my head, but really wasn’t sure if I had the time to figure out the details. And then…I stumbled on Too Cool T-Shirt Quilts.

AAaaHHhhAAaaHHhh…like the hallelujah chorus! I have a solution!

They have a website and a book with great directions. And you can purchase plexiglas templates to use in cutting your shirts. I had the great fortune of borrowing the set from a friend (Thanks Cindy P!).

It was quick and easy to cut out all the shirts. Just lay the template on and decide which size to use. Then came the really creative part! There’s a formula to use at this point to figure out how big your quilt will end up. Then I created an Excel diagram and started arranging pieces. I thought this part was fun! Once I had all the sizes working out, I added in the colors to make sure the colors would be mixed up and look good.

Two super awesome friends spent a day over spring break helping me sew the pieces together. It took us about 6 hours. Not bad for a 76″ x 80″ quilt top. And we did lots of chatting while we worked.

Such a sense of accomplishment!

And tomorrow it’s off to the quilter! Can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s all done.

One down 2 to go!



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3 responses to “T-Shirt Quilt

  1. Looks great, Judy. You are very creative.

  2. Such a great idea 🙂 My grandmother used to make each of the grandkids a (small) quilt each year for their birthdays… not quite a t-shirt quilt, but always a theme that each of us was particularly fascinated by that year. Definitely a beloved memory, and I’m sure your son will appreciate his.

  3. Thanks Denice!
    Lexy what a treasure from your grandmother! And what a lot of quilts to make! I’m hoping Oldest Son enjoys using it for a long time:). And now I have a little better clue what I’m dong when it comes to the next two.

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