Thankful Thursday – Clearing the Fog

Today I am thankful for the days when the fog lifts and I can get out of my funk. {I could go for a literal lifting of the fog – it’s been rainy since Monday!} I knew it would happen, always does.

I’m thankful for surprise opportunities that come along and give me new and exciting directions.

I’m thankful for the way God puts people and challenges in my life at just the right times.

And I’m thankful for the talents God has given me and the doors He’s opening to allow me to use them.

I promise to use them to the fullest to do positive things for others.

And I promise to share more about them in the near future. {I know, you are dying to know. Waiting with bated breath.}

Have a Thankful Thursday yourself!

In fact, why don’t you leave a comment and let others know what you are thankful for today?


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One response to “Thankful Thursday – Clearing the Fog

  1. Letha Markwardt

    I am thankful for a Awesome God who hears my cries from the heart and gives me the ability to follow His advice.
    Loved your thoughts.

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