Senior Year – Nesting

I think there is a weird phenomenon going on at my house. Things are getting done.  Yea, I know, that shouldn’t be odd. But it is. Remember I need a closer.

Things have changed. Maybe it’s only temporary, but I’ll take it. The house clean and projects are getting finished! I feel a sense of having “my house in order,” but not in the I’m ready to die way. In the its ok if you invite a study group over after school and don’t give me a heads up way. It’s been happening pretty much since the beginning of the year. It wasn’t making sense, but I just put it together.

It’s like I’m nesting! You know, before you have a baby? When you have this strange energy and focus to get things done? That’s how I feel. I have a strange energy and focus and am rocking through my Before Graduation list! It’s like graduation nesting. God is mentally preparing me for the next phase.

Middle and Youngest Sons are also helping me to prepare. How you ask? We live in a 3 bedroom house and those two share a bedroom. {They aren’t the only ones. Hubby and I share a room too:)! He he} They are just two short years apart in age and both teenagers. That should explain a lot. They are doing me the favor of bickering non-stop, constantly picking at each other and pushing the other’s buttons. And they are both very good at it. It’s like they have been preparing for this moment for 14 years. Remembering every little thing that makes the other one crazy and waiting for the exact moment when doing that one little thing will push the other over the edge.

I can’t take it anymore!

And the solution? Simple. They need to not share a bedroom anymore.

How do we do that? Again, simple. Oldest Son has to move out.

It’s that easy. Then they can each have their own room. And I can have a little more peace and quiet. I’m ready for that peace and quite.

Maybe God is working through Middle and Youngest Sons! U2 does say He moves in mysterious ways…


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One response to “Senior Year – Nesting

  1. Cindy

    Adolesence has a way of helping you let your kids grow up…..two more years of this bickering back and forth and you’ll be ready for them all to move out!!! Ha!

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