Lists, Anti-Procrastinators and Other Random Thoughts on a Saturday

I am a list maker. Are you?

I love to write down – yes, with paper and pencil – everything I want to accomplish. It feels kind of liberating and empowering to me. Maybe that’s because my memory is horrible these days? {On a side note, I did hear something on the news about not getting enough sleep makes you have bad memory and they think it may lead to Alzheimer’s. Great! Hubby and I are doomed.}

Saturdays are when I feel a super strong need to have a list. And my sons are very aware of that need. I think if there is one area I feel really guilty about not doing better parenting, it is with time management. {Ok, who am I kidding, there is way more than one area! But let’s pretend there’s just one.} You see, I am a procrastinator at heart. I’m pretty sure it’s in my DNA and just who I am. I do hate the judgement that comes with that. Procrastinators get a bad wrap! There is this whole thought around how that means we are less organized, disciplined, responsible, etc. I think thee is another side. Procrastinators are resourceful, creative, and adaptable. I think there is something weird about having to do everything immediately or way ahead. {Notice there is no name for the opposite of procrastinators! What’s up with that?} What are you afraid of? Think you’ll forget it? Think something terrible will happen and you won’t finish? Think it won’t be as good later? Maybe those who must do everything ahead are really negative thinkers. And procrastinators are the positive ones. I don’t want to do it now, because I will have a better idea tomorrow. I want to give it some time to gel. I think I will have more passion for it tomorrow. See, procrastintors are optimists! Tomorrow will be the perfect day!

But I digress. {Shocking!} Back to the list. I think keeping things on a list that I can look at any time, helps me to prioritize. Lists prevent out-of-sight-out-of-mind-syndrome, which is a deadly syndrome. It can kill productivity in a heartbeat! By making a list, things don’t sneak up on you. Not as easily anyway. You know what is coming on the horizon and have time to prepare. And it frees up my mind! I like that! I like being free to dream up creative things to do, solutions to problems, anything creative. And when I have things to remember, it messes up my clean slate for creating. So, I write it down and am free to be Awesome!

Sadly, I haven’t done a good job of teaching my sons list making. We’re working on it, but they kind of seem like old dogs – you know, they don’t want to learn Mom’s new trick.Saturday mornings are my day to impress upon them the importance of the list. The cleaning list, the homework list, the errand list, the project list!

Which brings us full circle. Gotta go – have to wake some boys up and get going on our lists before they turn on Skyrim!

Happy Saturday!


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One response to “Lists, Anti-Procrastinators and Other Random Thoughts on a Saturday

  1. I, too, am a list maker. I don’t consider myself a procrastinator, though. Probably because either I’ll forget or I won’t leave myself enough time to get it done. Okay, well maybe I’m a bit of a procrastinator. You’ve edited papers for me hours before they were due….. But I like lists too. I make two lists most days: what homework is due and what I have to do that day (schedule-wise) otherwise….I might forget. My choice list-making supplies consist of index cards and a pen. =)

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