Thankful Thursday – Doctors and PAs

Youngest Son has been complaining about his ankles hurting for a long time. He complains off and on. Not like he is in tears and can’t stand it. Just like, “Man my ankles hurt so bad.” But then he wouldn’t say anything for a while.

Our family is always going in different directions, lots of balls in the air. I try to stay on top of things; look at the calendar and plan ahead. But the reality is, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. It just does. I wish it wasn’t so, but it is. So when Youngest Son didn’t complain, it was out of my head.

He finally started asking us to make a doctor appointment for him. Then I got the hint. It must really be bothering him. So we scheduled one and the saga began. First stop the pediatricians office. They referred us to a pediatric orthopedic surgeon – the same one we went to with his broken wrist. We went through a round of prescription anti-inflammatories and then physical therapy. Then x-rays. Or maybe it was the other way around, I forget. This has been going on for a few months. It seemed like he was complaining less, like maybe we were getting somewhere.

Hubby had been taking him to the appointments and giving me updates as he went along. Then he said they want to do an MRI. I was skeptical at this point. But this is where my total respect for this doctor and the physicians assistant in the office comes from. They felt like they just hadn’t gotten to the root of what was causing the pain. They were diligent in trying to identify the cause. When I was willing to write it off to “growing pains” they kept digging.

We went in this week to get the results of the MRI. And we came home with this.

It seems there were two stress fractures, one in an ankle bone and one in a foot bone. My poor baby.

He will have this beauty for 4 weeks followed by a walking boot for another 4-8 weeks. And hopefully this will solve his pain issues in both ankles – overcompensating pain in the other ankle.

I’m so thankful that these healthcare professionals really listened to what Youngest Son was saying. That they were diligent in trying to end his pain. I feel like they are truly in the right profession. They care about the outcome and are determined to help him. 

Today I’m thankful for doctors and physician’s assistants. 

{And for waterproof casts:)}



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4 responses to “Thankful Thursday – Doctors and PAs

  1. `Cathy Chapman

    my poor Gagery Floyd! Prayers of healing right now!

  2. As moms, we really are conditioned to listen to the one who compliains the most. We had a similar situation with E when he ended up with a stress fracture in the back bone of his lower leg…. No cast, but wet through a removable piece he had to wear for about 6 weeks. Now we’re dealing with a college senior who (while away at college) just had an MRI at the insistence of his college trainer and will most likely be in a boot for the next 5 days due to avulsion fracture in his ankle. It doesn’t stop…. but as our boys get older, they’ll begin taking on some of this on themselves. You’ve raised your boys well….take comfort in knowing that they knew to keep *at it* if things weren’t good. Good job, Mom…and wish him our best with his new cast! 😉

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