Thankful Thursday – Old Friends

Not as in old lady, but rather known me a long time friends. Long time is relative. For the first 7 years we were married we moved around a lot; 5 cities in 7 years. Needless to say we were always the new kids on the block {Way before the New Kids on the Block!}. We didn’t have a lot of history any where we lived. Which was good and bad. But I longed for those friends who had known me forever. I stayed in touch with college friends during those years, but we were pretty spread out around the country. Talking on the phone is just not the same as sitting down over a soda together.

We moved to KC 14 years ago, after we had our last baby. None of my friends here knew us BC {before children} or when I was preggers. We don’t share that history. But we share lots of raising kids history! I met my closest friends at church. They are the women who have known me the longest. The ones who have been there for me through finding a preschool, starting kindergarten, and navigating rec sports. We have survived tryouts, mission trips, band concerts, first girlfriends and college searches together. I can always count on them to encourage me or kick me in the butt, depending on what I need. They are always willing to share their experience and let me make my decisions. They let me vent and help me talk through problems.

We are all very different. We know each others’ quirks and idiosyncracies. They know I don’t want onions in anything and I know who can’t stand clutter, who has a basement full and who can’t bear to part with a consumable. That’s so comfortable.

And we have gone through seasons in our friendships. Sometimes our own families or careers pull us away for a while, but we continue to find our way back. And we welcome each other where ever we are.  That’s what old friends are like. We have history and comfort in our friendship.

Today I’m thankful for long-lasting, faithful friendships!

Editorial Note: As I was writing this post, from the heart, I suddenly had the feeling I’ve written these words before. This led me on a search of my blog to find when I may have posted the same thing. At which point I got sidetracked reading old posts I’d forgotten about. Which takes me back to being an “OLD” friend! So, if this feels vaguely familiar to you, I’m sorry. It must be the truth if I’ve thought of it twice!


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