Trash to Treasure

I have a project to share! I’m so excited. I started and finished this in one evening! If you know me, you know that’s a big deal. I’m not great at finishing things. But this was so easy and turned out so cute! So here it is.

I found this shade at the thrift store and actually liked it. But when I looked a little closer I realized there were a couple of tears in it. Not big, but definitely there.

{BTW I’m still getting used to my new dining room color. I need to find the right setting on my camera so everything a photograph isn’t red – especially the people!}

I decided to rehab the shade:). To get strated I tore that paper off. This was fun – I kind of like being destructive:)!

This left me with a wire frame. I’d seen a shade on Whatever that I really liked. So that was my inspiration. She had a straight shade though and mine is tapered so I had to get creative. I started by tearing 1 1/2 inches wide strips from each cutting of fabric. I had 5 coordinating fabrics, but you could probably do it with all one or fewer patterns. I just like the variety.


I wrapped the top and bottom wires with the same fabric. It took one strip the width of the bolt for the bottom, and a little less for the top.

I picked a spot to start and wrapped the piece back over itself to hold it. I wrapped until the whole ring was covered and put a dab of glue on the end to hold it in place.

Then I took the other strips and started wrapping them around the shade. I didn’t take pictures of the wrapping part – I was too excited to see how it turned out. Because the shade was tapered, I looped the fabric around every other vertical. If you look closely you can see how one piece just goes over the vertical and the other wraps around. I did this for every vertical wire and each different fabric. When I got all the way around, I tied a simple knot.

Then the next row I used a different fabric and started one vertical support to the right. So when I looped it around every other one, they ended up alternating. This helps keep it from sliding up the frame since it’s a tapered frame.

I used the fabrics in a random way because I didn’t want it to look to matchy-matchy. When I thought I was done, I stepped back to take a look and decided it needed a couple more rows. You could see too much bulb through the shade. I think you could do this as tight or loose as you want.

I think I ended up with 12 rows of fabric strips. I also took a couple of strips and tied them to the lamp itself. I thought it needed a little something to finish it off.

And here it is with the light on.

I absolutely love it! It makes me happy every time I look at it. It has received mixed reviews from the family. Not surprising considering I live with 4 guys! I think it will go on my desk at work. I’m gearing up for an office makeover…more to come!


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  1. This shade looks adorable…. Have to send you HUGE props for finishing it so quickly! It looks like something that would definitely make you happy every time you glanced at it. Congrats for creating something so perfect for you! 😉

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