Thankful Thursday – Teachers

I’ve missed a whole lot of Thankful Thursdays. It isn’t that I haven’t felt thankful. Just that I haven’t remembered until Friday. Kind of lame, huh? Well, today is the perfect opportunity to get back into the routine.

Tonight was the teacher conference night at the middle and high schools. We had 21 teachers to see for all three boys. We got to talk with most of them, a few weren’t available or had too long of a line. I think we talked to 16 teachers. And I am so grateful for them! These professionals spend a good amount of time with my kids. And with lots of kids. There really wasn’t one of them who didn’t seem to care. They have been at the school since very early this morning and they were still there at 8 pm. I know they spend countless hours outside of the work day grading papers, preparing lessons and giving kids extra help.

I’m thankful for each of them. For their dedication to helping my kids get it. For their determination when it’s not sinking in. For caring about my kids and their future.

Thank You Teachers!


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