Spring Cleaning?

It’s been so warm here this whole winter. It’s very strange. I know Kansas has milder winters than Iowa, but this year has been freakishly warm. And that is wreaking all kinds of havoc. It’s made me want to start spring cleaning {the weather and that whole 4 months until graduation thing}!

After we painted this past weekend I cleaned my cupboards!

It felt so good to purge! I was in the right mood. We were all tired of not having room in the cupboards. Always trying to cram the dishes in when we emptied the dishwasher.

There were dishes I don’t use anymore. Coffee mugs galore and no one in the house who drinks it. I did save a couple in case you are planning to visit and enjoy a little coffee.

Now its neat and organized and there’s room for things I forgot we had. I can get to my serving dishes.

I didn’t get rid of any cookbooks – just couldn’t do it. But I did pick the few I use most and put them in easy reach. The rest are in a top cupboard where I can get to them if I need them, but they are out of sight.

They used to be on top of this cabinet. All piled and messy. Yuck! It was a major eye sore! And now it’s clean and lovely and showing off the wine holder my hubby picked out for me. All by himself! No hints or anything.

A week ago I would NOT have shared pictures of the inside of my cupboards! So happy to have things fresh and organized. It’s like Spring!



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3 responses to “Spring Cleaning?

  1. Great motivation for me, Judy! I like this!

  2. Letha Markwardt

    Everythiing looks great. Love that wine holder. I have lots to do before spring cleaning. Like learning how to walk again!

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