Project Graduation Preparation – Senior Year

Well, it finally happened. I knew it would. Frankly I couldn’t figure out why it hadn’t already. I had a bit of a panic attack this week. I was looking at the calendar for spring and planning some weekend activities trying to be realistic about what I could do. Then I started to count and realized how little time there is between now and graduation.

Less than 4 months!

Mind you I’m not freaking out about him graduating {yet!}. I’m freaking out about all the things we were going to do around the house that we haven’t even started. Or – if you know me- we’ve started but not finished. The good news {for me} is this happened during a week when Hubby was home on vacation! I gave him a short list. Short as in less than 100 items long:).

We hit the ground running. Crown moulding in the family room, living room, dining room and kitchen. Strip wallpaper and paint in the dining room and kitchen. Replace the handle on the door to the garage. Fix the cable on the overhead garage door. And on, and on.

Hubby and Oldest Son started on the crown moulding. That stuff could destroy a marriage! Do you have any idea how much geometry is involved in putting up crown moulding? I may have mentioned, math is not my subject. Everything is at angles! It’s yucky! I walked away from that project. I’d like to say I’m practicing letting go of control. Really, I just don’t understand! Oldest Son is in heaven on this one. He has figured out the degree of every angle he’s cutting. It’s pretty cute actually. Love that kid. Hubby is dusting off his geometry skills too. It’s been a few years:).

I spent the weekend painting. I LOVE to paint. Not being sarcastic at all. It’s therapy. There is nothing like transforming a room with a can of paint. I have a brush I love – don’t make me paint without it.

And no one else is allowed to use it. They mess up the bristles and don’t clean it out well enough. Then I have crusty paint in it. Not cool!

And I picked up this super cool paint cup. Just the right size for when I’m cutting in.

And it has a cool magnet on the side to hook my paint brush on.

So cool! The only thing missing is a place to hang my rag for wiping up messes.

I love cutting in around the trim, with my awesome brush. I don’t tape anything. That makes me crazy. I hate spending hours prepping to do the job that takes me no time at all. I painted the whole kitchen in 90 minutes. No taping involved! How fun is that ! It’s therapy – only way cheaper!

Stripping the wallpaper in the dining room did not go quite as quickly. Fortunately this is paper we put up ourselves so we sized it properly. It’s still a pain to take off. Thanks goodness it was only up to the chair rail. It took most of Saturday to get it off. Then we painted like crazy people. But I am excited to say….it’s done! 

We just put on the last of the switch plates and outlet covers. Done. And I LOVE the color!

Can you tell I took this pic when the paint was still wet? So anxious! The paint is Valspar – from Lowe’s. We used their paint and primer in one and loved it! We were able to get by with just two coats. The color is Brick Facade. Kind of orange, with touch of red. Love it! And so happy to have it done. Check one thing off of the long, long list.

Just a little more crown moulding, shoe moulding and hanging some things on the newly painted walls and the inside could be done!

And then there is the back yard. It’s a huge eye sore! I wish Backyard Crashers or someone else from TLC or HGTV would come make it lovely. It really needs help. As soon as we finish inside we’ll tackle the nightmare that is our backyard.


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  1. Letha Markwardt

    Send them a letter pleading for them to come do your back yard. Maybe it will work…… or maybe not. Love the color!!

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