It’s All in Your Attitude

I was going through pictures recently looking for ones of myself. Eek. Not something I enjoy! I love taking pictures, but I don’t relish being on the other end of the camera. And it shows! I almost always have the camera in my hands, carefully capturing the important and the mundane moments of our lives. If I am in a picture, it’s probably carefully positioned behind one of my boys. {It helps to hide the excess!} But none-the-less I was looking for pictures of me. And more specifically, unflattering pictures of me. {Weird I know and I don’t really want to get into the whole thing here or now. Maybe later….we will see. Thanks for understanding.} I found quite a few. But while I was doing it Middle Son looked over my shoulder. His initial response was that I wasn’t being very nice to myself – such a kind-hearted person he is. But then he noticed something I hadn’t seen. Out of about 25-30 pictures I had collected…I was smiling in all but a couple.

I hadn’t noticed it either. But that is me really. I am a happy person. That made me wonder, where does that come from? 

I can tell you it’s not because I have everything I want. Or because I spend my days doing only what I love. That would be nice, but it would probably be boring as well. I’ve been pondering this for a few weeks and I think I have the answer.

Drum roll please……

It’s all in your attitude!

I guess I should have picked a different title if I wanted that to be a secret huh?

When the rubber hits the road, when you boil it all down, when you flush things out, it’s all about your attitude. There are so many things in life you cannot control. And so many things you can only impact a little bit. But your attitude? No one but you can change your attitude. How powerful is that?! YOU have the power to choose your attitude every minute of every day! You can let the way others behave put you in a funk. You can allow hurtful comments to seep in and bring you down. You can enable your circumstances to control your future.


You can realize that other people’s behavior is their problem. You can let the hurtful words go in one ear and out the other as easily as you do the praise-full words you hear. You can choose not to use your circumstances as an excuse. 

Everything we hear and see comes to us through our own filter. A filter made up of our experiences,  biases, and assumptions. We allow those things to warp what others say and do. Have you ever wondered why when someone pays us a compliment we are likely to dismiss it as “just being nice” but when we are criticized we take it to heart? Why do we give the negative more weight than the positive? Why is it easier to believe they were just being nice than to believe that we really did a great job?

My challenge to you: Choose a positive attitude. Choose to be happy. Choose to find joy in the every day. Choose to hear the good, take in the compliments. Try it even just for a week. Or a day. Or an hour if that’s all you can muster up. Try to choose the positive and see what a difference it makes!

Just to clarify…

1) I’m not talking about being one of those annoying people like Phoebe’s date who drove everyone crazy by loving the twinkling lights of rush hour traffic. Or about not being authentic. You don’t have to be an over-the-top, perky, fake happy. Just choose to see the positive in things.

2) I do get upset, angry, crabby, frustrated, and in a funk {just ask any of my family or close friends}! That happens. Feel it and move on. As I tell my family you don’t want to set in your puddle of funk for a long time. It’s just not pleasant. So choose a positive attitude and move on.

3) I also realize there mental illnesses that make it impossible for some to “just be positive.” It’s much more complicated than changing your attitude. But, I also know seeing things from a different perspective can’t hurt. 

I believe attitude plays such a huge role in shaping who we are. It makes me sad to see someone who has chosen not to see the positive side of things. Life is so much brighter when you do!



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2 responses to “It’s All in Your Attitude

  1. Liz

    Totally agree! For the last year, Andy and I have been trying to be more positive or at least find something positive in annoying/bad situations…it definitely works! We don’t always feel better, but it brings perspective to all situations! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Another great post! This is something I am trying to be more aware of as well.

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