When I am a Middle-Aged Woman I Shall Wear Purple!

And say things like, “EMAW”.

Actually, I have no idea how to say that. I’ve only seen it written. Apparently it means Every Man A Wildcat.

Which is what Oldest Son has decided he would like to be.

That’s right! It’s decided. He will be going to Kansas State University! I think it’s a great decision. I would have loved to have him go to my alma mater, but if he won’t be a Cyclone a Wildcat is a great choice:)! And it’s a great financial choice too since ISU doesn’t offer much money to legacy students- boo! {As a side note: Iowa may want to think about this as a way to attract talent to their state. If a student’s parents went there, clearly the student has some connection. It’s like a warm lead. But they only offer $1500 per year. That’s a bummer when out-of-state tuition is $10,000+ more than K-State. Rant over.}

I think K-State will be a great fit for Oldest Son and I’m sure he will be very happy there. And I like purple! What more could a Mom want?

So I’m studying up to be a good Wildcat Mom.

I’ve already tried Purple Pride ice cream at Call Hall and loved it. I don’t think I know the Wabash Cannonball, gonna have to work on that one. I know the mascot is Willy, but I don’t know why – maybe it’s just about the rhyme. I don’t really get why no one has made the “U” to finish “KSU” on the hill. And it sounds like Open House is a mini version of VEISHEA.

Maybe I need to pick up one of these.

Nike Womens Logo Long Sleeve Tee  (SKU 11687870428)

Or a spiffy hat.

Zoozatz Kansas State Wildcats Willie Knit Cap (SKU 11992936583)

Here is your chance all you K-State fans. What else do I need to know to be a Wildcat Mom?



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4 responses to “When I am a Middle-Aged Woman I Shall Wear Purple!

  1. Many Congratulations to all on Older Son’s choice! Get the shirt… Get the hat… Get lots of warm clothes and coats in the appropriate colors… It’s a great time, so enjoy the transition and focus on the positives! Just make sure to vent when you need to, because that will help everyone make it through…

  2. Renee

    So happy for you and your family- esp your son- GREAT CHOICE. Start with the school song: Oh fight you K-State Wildcats, for alma mater fight, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT, glory in the combat for the purple and the white, faith-full to our colors, we shall ever be, fighting ever fighting for a wildcat victory GO STATE!
    Second: Learn the pizza shuttle # (still stuck in my head 10 years later) 776-5577 (call us now pizza shuttle- but always wait 10 min prior to eating post delivery or you will suffer from shuttle mouth burnt to a crisp)
    And tell him to look into Smith Scholarship House (Steve’s old house) Could be a great fit, let me know if you need more info or help getting in.

    Oh- enjoy it- what a great, welcoming, safe and fun experience for you guys!
    Ever the proud Wildcat- Renee

  3. LB

    YAY K-STATE MEN ROCK! Judy…the only essential K-state gear for a woman of any age–a great purple scarf. I know you can rock one of those, so get on it!

  4. Maria

    Yeah Mason! Yes, you’d think ISU would throw us a bone when BOTH parents are graduates……….. but NO. Why does that not make any sense?? It sure doesn’t stop them from calling every year asking for money………… !!!

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