Creative License

This is what my craft room looked like on New Year’s Eve.

It’s really not a craft room. More of a craft area. That muslin curtain can be pulled across to hide this space. It’s one end of our family room.

Can’t imagine why I would ever want to hide it, can you?

It becomes the dumping ground for all things creative. “Take it down to the craft table.” and this is what I end up with.

Really rather horrific.

Not to mention a place I had no desire to be.

Not that I could be in it if I wanted to!

Fast forward to January 2. Yes, just two short days later. Voila!

Can you belive it? Cause I can’t!

Can I tell you how A-MAZ-ING it feels to have this done?!

Ok, technically it’s not done. There are still plenty of boxes to be sorted, but they are manageable now.

Like the memorabilia under the desk. Or the random pictures on the picture boxes.

I still need another box for hanging files.

But I actually sat right here as I wrote this post last night!

Even the inside of that cabinet I couldn’t get to has been organized. Trust me, I know exactly what is in there and where it is!

I’m so very happy! Exhausted. But Happy! It’s probably a good thing I didn’t do this at the beginning of the break…I might never have left my craft room!



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4 responses to “Creative License

  1. This is so awesome! Oh, and because you are such a master at cleaning now….wanna help us out some? 😉

  2. Absolutely awe inspiring. As I looked at your pictures I realized that we are definitely related. And when I saw Grandpa’s turtle foot stool, I was sure of it. Do you save cardboard? I just can’t toss it because after it’s gone I’ll find a way to use it.

  3. Rose

    Great job Judy! It FEELS so GOOD to get something organized! I did the same thing to my storage area in our bathroom. Everything is in totes and labeled! Candace did her “spare” room upstairs today so she feels much better too!

  4. Mom Bredlow

    I know the feeling Judy. I just got done cleaning the storage area and got rid of stuff and christmas decor I don’t use any more. A good feeling to get it done. Now I need to pack away current decor.and clean the rest of the house.

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