Lots of little random things that are kind of big things

I have been neglecting my readers for a week! I’m so sorry. But I have had some good reasons! It’s the whirlwind we call Christmas. Followed by the bug that made me clean. I’m still digging out. Some things really needed to get done. So tonight, on the eve of returning to work after an eleven day break, I will hit the highlights. I would like to promise there will be more to come, but my mama told me not to make promises I won’t keep:)! I know I have hundreds of pictures to sort thru and I was hoping to share….we shall see!

Christmas Crazy!

Watching my boys as we lit the candles and sang Silent Night at the Christmas Eve service was surreal. I so vividly remember the days when they each wanted to hold their own candle and my big worry was whose hair we would light on fire. Very different experience with big boys instead of toddlers.

Traveling for Christmas stinks! I love that we are close enough to make the trip home every year and don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful we have family we enjoy spending time with. However, eating Casey’s (a gas station for those who don’t know) pizza in the van on Christmas night is not near as glamorous as it sounds. This is becoming a bit of a tradition I don’t like. I have to figure out how to not do that next year.

Family being far away when they are dealing with health issues is yucky. It’s so hard not being close by to help out; relying on the family that is there to do all the work. It’s a frustrating feeling that actually caused me to think for a millisecond that maybe we should move back. That would really mess up my kids! It’s that whole sandwich generation thing and it’s not cool.

College scholarship applications are time-consuming! And a necessary evil. I think they should give it to you just for being willing to jump thru all the hoops, don’t you?

Having a spouse who works in retail is especially tough at the holidays. Nuf said.

Lest I sound like a whiny baby….

We played a mean game of white elephant bingo and made off with some amazing (read -gosh awful ugly) prizes, the boys perfected their skill at Rummy, we spent lots of time catching up with family and accomplished a ton when we got home! The cleaning bug hit me hard and I enlisted the help of three able-bodied young men to tackle the garage. We could almost fit a Vespa in our 2 stall garage now! And yes, that is progress! My craft room? Well that deserves a post all its own, complete with before and after pics!

Our Christmas letter isn’t written (so don’t think we cut you from our list) but I’m sure it will be soon! The tree is still up and I don’t have a plan for getting it down. Hmmm. Guess I did practice some letting go this year…maybe a bit too much:).

Time to head off to bed in hopes everyone can wake to their alarms. It’s been a mighty long time since we’ve been dressed before noon! I wonder if I could pass my pajama pants off for a fashion statement at work….


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  1. For a second I thought “the cleaning bug” was code for stomach flu. Pajama pants only work if you work from home.

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