Celebrating the Journey

Today is my birthday. I turn 44 today and I’ve been thinking, this is a good time to set a goal. I like milestones because they are like a clean slate. You can start anything, like a diet, or a new routine. You haven’t messed up yet:). I started thinking about the things I could do to commemorate this milestone. Ways I could embrace my age and grow me over the next year. I tossed ideas around with the family. They had some good ones. And some bad ones.

I wanted something that will be a challenge, but not a burden. I want to be pushed, but also have the freedom to be flexible. I thought about doing 45 new things, but that seems a lot like my 101 list that is very slow going. When I really thought about why I wanted to do it I decided it’s about improving my life. About becoming a better me. So, to that end, what can I do? I decided to pick a few things that I could do 45 times on my way to 45! After all, if I do it 45 times it should surely become a habit, right? I think so. And these would be good habits to have. 45 things comes out to about once a week with a few weeks off for life craziness.

So what to do 45 times? I came up with lots of ideas and the family had some suggestions too. Some of them didn’t even get considered, others needed tweaking. I settled on a list and I’m sharing it here…to keep me honest.

45 times by 45

  • Try new recipes – feel free to send me your favorites, I’m gonna need ideas!
  • Commit random acts of kindness – anytime, anywhere, really big or super simple!
  • Tweet – about anything or nothing, after all who’s really reading:)?
  • Blog about my life – there is so much material!
  • Capture photos and blog them – challenge myself to pick up the camera and capture the everyday of life, not just the special moments!
  • Get out of my comfort zone – not sure how I will do this one, it seems more like you just accept an opportunity when/if it comes. Hope they come often!
  • Finish projects – hard to believe, but yes, I’m sure I do have nearly that many things started!

So there you have it! I think it will make the next year interesting. I’m a little nervous. Some will definitely be easier than others. And I’ve just committed to 315 things. Is it a coincidence that there are the same number of things as there are days in the week? I don’t think I will go there.

And just to clarify the rules:

  1. It’s my birthday so I make all the rules:).
  2. An activity can count for more than one – like trying a new recipe for vegetables which would also get me out of my comfort zone!
  3. I will keep a log of what I do and track my progress – yes it will probably be a spreadsheet!
  4. I may blog about some of my adventures, but certainly not all of them – that would be 315 posts!!
  5. If I start a new project and finish it – that counts as finishing a project.
  6. I will hold myself to the spirit of the plan, not the letter of it. {Meaning, its ok to cut myself some slack if (ok, when) life gets crazy}
  7. I will push myself to not take the easy way out – not all the time anyway:).

That’s it. I’m ready. What do you think?



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7 responses to “Celebrating the Journey

  1. Carolyn Olson

    Excellent idea! I like your list, too. I may be sending a recipe or two at some point. 🙂

  2. Love it! Didn’t do so great with my trying a new recipe a week when I made that goal, but Pinterest is really inspiring me all over again, and I love the recipes some of my friends have posted. Random acts of kindness, that just sounds like the normal you, Judy : ) Happy Birthday, Girlfriend!

  3. Erica

    To get out of your comfort zone maybe try to rely less on spreadsheets….

  4. Carolyn & Aleta – bring on the recipes!
    Erica – I have no idea what you’re talking about :P!

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  6. Brian Huddleston

    Charlie “Tremendous” Jones said, “You are the same today as you’ll be in five years except for two things: the books you read and the people you meet.” I’m inspired by your interest in personal growth.

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