Whirlwind Week

The last 10 days have been a blur. I simply haven’t had time to blog and that is a bummer. I had been pretty consistent all month between this blog and my photo blog. But, in the spirit of generosity, I cut myself some slack. It’s ok.  After all, this blog is about doing something fun that I enjoy – no pressure.

I thought I would share some of the things that have kept me busy this last week. 

I finally made a recycled book tree. I saw this idea on Pinterest of course and have been wanting to try it. I think it turned out great! It’s actually made from a paperback Pokemon book.

We did some shopping for a program the MS Society sponsors called Traveling Turkeys. They provide meals to families living with MS. We went shopping as a family. Our family shopping together is rather ridiculous! And embarrassing. I forgot my camera:(. Bummer. Although, it might be best it wasn’t caught on film.

Oldest Son and a friend waited in line at Best Buy hoping to get a couple TVs. He got in line at 3 pm on Thanksgiving day!! They didnt’ hand out tickets until after 10 pm. At around 7 they needed a bathroom break so we went and held their spots in line. I went back at midnight to help pay for some of his purchases…and spend 40 minutes in line. We got to bed at 3 am. Exhausted.

The next day the boys and I headed to Iowa – the day after Thanksgiving. We left Hubby home working:(. We got on the road late since the two people with driver’s licenses were up until 3 am. I thought I would drive half way and switch with Oldest Son. Instead, this is what I had all the way to Iowa!

I had my nails done! My niece is a fabulous cosmetologist:). She gave me a great new hair cut and did my nails. Even added a little glitter!

We hung out with family. I like hanging out with family. But I only took one picture all weekend! Fail.

We celebrated Mom’s birthday, had Thanksgiving dinner, and put up Christmas decorations. I told Hubby it was a crazy busy time. His reply, “When is it not chaos there?” He’s right! We always have lots to do when we go see my family. It’s crazy. And fun. I like chaos…for a while. We got home at 10 pm Sunday night and off to a crazy busy work week.

So that’s all. And that’s why I haven’t blogged for a week. I missed two Thankful Thursdays. I’ll catch up on them this weekend, while sitting in the rain at the outdoor soccer tournament:(. {Am I a terrible Mom for not wanting to go to any of the games?}


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