Thankful Thursday – Aunts

These women are special. One is my Mom and the others are my aunts.
They are awesome ladies! True women of faith. And I am so thankful for them.
They are each so unique and yet so much alike. And I see pieces of each of them in myself.

Myra is funny; such a dry sense of humor.

Marlene has the gift of hospitatlity; I always feel loved and appreciated around her.

Nola’s laugh is contageous; she doesn’t take life too seriously.

Vel is so creative; she makes it all look so easy.

And Mom, she’s Mom! And I love her.

I love them all!


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One response to “Thankful Thursday – Aunts

  1. On one of Jen’s visits here, we spent the afternoon with 4 of the aunts. When we left, Jen turned to me and said, “Mom, I know exactly what you are going to be like when you get older.” What a great compliment that was for me because being like my aunts would be a great thing.

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