I Might Be A Morning Person…

It’s strange. I haven’t thought of myself as a morning person. I have spent a lot of years staying up really late. Sometimes because I have something to do and sometimes just because I can. I remember in college, my preference was to stay up late because you had to get it done. Waking up early, may not be early enough. You could always stay up later. Fortunately, I didn’t pull many all-nighters; my major didn’t require it.

Then when I started having babies, I often found it easier to just stay up than to sleep for a couple hours until a baby woke up for a feeding. It was not at all uncommon to fall asleep in the chair with a baby in my arms {And if we are being honest – I was usually drooling on their head. Sorry boys!}

These days I have to stay up late to make sure teenagers come home by curfew. It kind of kills me. We’ve worked out a system. I set the alarm on my phone for 5 minutes past curfew. When they get home, they come in and turn off the alarm. They miss curfew, the alarm wakes me up. And then I don’t have to worry about them lying in a ditch somewhere while I sleep happily. {On a side note, we don’t have ditches where we live. I don’t know why I worry about them lying in a ditch somewhere. I think it’s leftover from my childhood. I can hear my mother saying, “We didn’t know if you were laying in a ditch somewhere or what! You could at least have the courtesy to let us know where you are. I worried myself sick!” Of course, I’m confident those comments would have been directed at one of my brothers. I’m sure I never worried my mother sick!} Even with our system, I don’t sleep well ’til all my boys are home.

But with the end of daylight savings time this fall {or maybe it is the beginning? I can never remember when it is beginning or ending. I don’t know what the real time is!} my clock has been off. By about 7 o’clock every evening I’m done in. I can hardly keep my eyes open and dream of going to bed. I just can’t bring myself to. After all, only old people go to bed at 7 pm {Sorry to my friend Deborah who goes to bed at 7 pm, but is definitely not old!} I feel like I’m wasting precious time if I just sleep. There is so much to do; writing, crafting, college scholarship applications, papers to proof, a house to clean. It just seems like a lost opportunity to go to bed early. So, I’ve split the difference and gone to be by 10:30 the last two nights. And then I can wake up earlier. Today I woke at 5:40 am! I actually got in the shower before the guys and their hour-long routine. I either get in at 5:45 or I’m relegated to waiting until 7 am! That makes it really hard to get to work on time.

So today I showered first – at 5:45. I got myself all ready to go, did a few dishes, made myself some breakfast and read some online newspapers. It was very strange. Good strange. Kind of like I pictured life could be. The boys thought it was weird. And maybe a little bad too since I made them empty the dishwasher before they left shortly after 7. I felt so productive and not rushed! And I even got to work EARLY! That NEVER happens to me. I kind of like this newfound time of the day.


It’s 1:30, nearing the end of my lunch hour, and I can’t keep my eyes open. Not…one…more…. second…..

I would make a bed under my desk, but I understand that’s frowned upon. {Yes, the issue has come up before!} I guess I’ll do a lap around the building and hope the brisk air wakes me. Otherwise, I’ll have to shut the door, post a Do Not Disturb sign, and hope my fairy godmother finishes the piles of work I have to do today!

Wish me luck!


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One response to “I Might Be A Morning Person…

  1. Pam B

    You crack me up. Thanks for the chuckle. I went on the journey with you as I read your post as I can truly relate (except the drooling on babies part).

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