Thankful Thursday – Brothers

I’m thankful for brothers. I am blessed with three older brothers. Though they made me crazy plenty during my growing up years, I’m so grateful to have them. They made me strong – physically and mentally. Our family teases. A lot. And tho it made me crazy sometimes, it also made lots of great memories. I spent a lot of years trying to keep up with the boys. It sometimes led to disastrous results. Like when I cut my head open trying to jump between beds and landing head first on the iron frame. But they also paved the way for me with our parents. (Some might say – wore the down!) And as adults, they have offered me advice, supported me as a parent and become my friends. They are each so different and fill different spots in my heart.  I am a lucky little sister!

Middle Brother and Oldest Brother trying to steal the entire cream pie!

Youngest Brother in full beard – it comes and goes:).

Incidentally, my boys remind me so much of my brothers; Oldest Son and Middle Brother, Middle Son and Oldest Brother and Youngest Son and Youngest Brother. The resemblance in uncanny!


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