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I spent yesterday at a Senior Management Team meeting. And it was actually quite good! We spent the morning learning about competencies and the development resources available and the afternoon reviewing our DiSC profiles. Sound boring? It was anything but! I have done a lot of different personality/style assessments. I love doing them and here’s why.

  1. It is affirming. I always find some things that I thought only I knew about myself. Those things that you read in the description and think – were they watching me? How do they know that much about me from those few questions?
  2. I get AHA moments. These are when you read the description with the stressors or what makes this “type” person crazy and think – Aha! It crystallizes that thing you couldn’t quite put your finger on.
  3. I learn about the people I work with. These type of assessments provide so much insight into others. Not to be able to manipulate someone, but to be able to figure out a different approach. It sheds light on why something I said or did may have elicited a particular reaction from someone else.
  4. There’s always something to work on. It always shows me (or reminds me of) shortcomings and areas I need to work on. And I like that. I hate the idea of getting stagnant! And I like the challenge of learning to work differently with someone else.
  5. They make me a little uncomfortable. That’s a good thing. I like being pushed out of my comfort zone a little. Being stretched. That’s how we grow our comfort zone; by pressing the boundaries.
  6. They say every type is good. So even though I may be competitive, decisive, self-assured, sociable, poised, charming, convincing, alert, critical, fidgety, impetuous, analytical, sensitive, mature, evasive and self-righteous, I’m still a good person:)! There is a place for me.

Anyone else a DI, orange/gold, Beaver/Otter?


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