Family Fitness Week 2

Epic Fail!

Wow, we did terribly. And there is no good reason for it! The only explanation I can come up with is scheduling. I learned a long time ago {I think from a Stephen Covey book} that you have to schedule the things that are important to you. This week we added an exercise routine. But no one put it on their calendar. Bummer.

As part of our project we do a recap every Sunday of what we did over the last week and what worked. What we found helpful and what didn’t work. The idea is that we keep doing the things from the previous week so that it continues to build. By the end we will have developed a lot of good habits. At our meeting today we made the decision to have a do-over of Week 2. Oldest Son pointed out that to go on would be like taking two big steps and we would most likely fail. So, we looked back at what we had agreed to do last week and made a few adjustments. We are ready to go for this week and here is our modified plan.

  • Family Project – we decided to head to the park and climb the tower. We should have known this week would be off when we arrived and it was closed! You can read about how that went here. We also reviewed how to read a food label and made the commitment than everyone would read the label of any package they opened. Seems simple enough…and hopefully we will accomplish it this week. 
  • Healthier Activities – We each outlined some exercise we would do this week. The goals were pretty realistic – like taking a 15 minute walk on my lunch hour twice this week. But, none of us wrote in on our calendar or the days we planned to do it. And life got busy and across the board, every person, totally failed. For this week Hubby changed his up a little and the rest of us decided to try the same list as we planned for last week. 
  • Healthier Mealtimes at Home – We decided to go with no TV at mealtimes. Yes, I know this should be a given, but it’s not. We watch news and Friends. Bad parents. But I am happy to report that we succeeded at this one! Yay! We also planned to have two meals where we all gathered together at the table and passed the food. Again, should be  a no-brainer. But life is crazy busy and this is one of the things that gets pushed out. We went 50/50 on this. We pulled off one dinner, but not two. We have continued with our previous commitments from week 1 
    • The TV is off during meal times. – this is a huge thing for us!
    • We switched to smaller plates – luncheon sized.
    • And each committed to a better decision during lunches
      • § Hubby – no fried foods
      • § Me – no fast food breakfasts
      • § Oldest Son – switch to wheat bread on his sub sandwich (Please! That’s his bad habit – not chips, not burgers, not fries…love that kid!)
      • § Middle Son – no chicken tenders or nuggets for school lunch
      • § Youngest Son – eat a protein, fruit or veggie and milk for lunch every day (we were appalled to find out what he is actually eating for lunch!! Pringles, goldfish and bottled water! EVERY DAY! Total parent fail.)
  • Healthier Nutrition – We are red meat eaters and the suggestion was to have red meat no more than three times per week. Not gonna work for this family. We decided instead to eat fish and chicken for one meal each this week. And that we accomplished! We haven’t done quite as well this week on the fruit or veggie for every meal at home – we need to get groceries. 
  • Rest – We planned a bedtime for everyone this week in an effort to get everyone the sleep they need. We probably went 50% on meeting it. The boys’ class loads are heavy and they are really committed to getting their homework done. I think that’s a good thing, but at some point, they would be faster at their homework if they were better rested. On the upside, we all continued to reduce our caffeine in the evening and cut down on the amount as well.
  • Media – We added a No TV night this week. We picked Wednesday as a day to not watch TV at all. It was very strange, but the night seemed so much longer! And we all need that.

As you can see, not a really successful week:(. But, as we knew at the beginning of this, we need to take it at a pace that works for us. Let’s hope this week works better than last!



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2 responses to “Family Fitness Week 2

  1. Think positive! It wasn’t a total fail if you accomplished some things on your list. 🙂
    I am so impressed that you have your whole family on board!

  2. I agree with Carolyn. Very impressive indeed. Enjoy your new healthy choices.

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