A Very Good Day

I spent a fabulous day today with great friends. There is something about hanging out with people who have known you for years.

These women are just that. We met as Moms of young children with weekends full of soccer games, scout outings, and practices. Spending our time together at Children’s Ministry Committee meetings, dinner group and church events.

And now life has evolved. Our kids are growing up, heading off to college and managing their own schedules. Which means we have more freedom! Freedom to plan girls weekends and shopping days. And it’s wonderful!

We have such different styles and tastes. But we know what each other will be drawn to. We can see something and know – that’s her! She will love that! We know who the cheapskate in the group is {hint: she’s a blogger who loves photography}. The one who will always say, “I wouldn’t pay that much.” We know who has the basement full of “consumables” – enough craft supplies to last nearly a lifetime. And who needs time to process and loves a second opinion before she buys. We know who hates clutter and gets a little crazed by too many hours at a flea market. We let each other know when to  buy and when to pass it up and we know that answer is different for each of us.

We have such different personalities, different tastes. But I can always count on these women to be there for me. We support, encourage and problem solve with each other.  They are women who understand the worries, frustrations and fears I have as a Mom. Women who support me, encourage me and check me. They will let me know when I am out of line and when I need to cut myself some slack. I can share challenges my boys are facing and they will listen without judging. They will share their experience and offer suggestions. And then they will support the decision I make.

Like my new hot pink mirror!

A very good day indeed.



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2 responses to “A Very Good Day

  1. Maria

    awwww totally jealous i’m not there with ya…. glad you had fun!

  2. Cindy Neely

    What a nice way to remember that day!

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