A Little Family Fun

As part of our new Family Fitness  plan we are trying to do a family activity once a week. Last week we made a list of things we wanted to do and we started with yard work last Sunday. This week we decided to go to Shawnee Mission Park and climb the tower. It’s a huge, square tower. The corner posts are made out of what looks like telephone poles. It’s really tall. And when you get to the top you can feel it sway. And you can see for miles! It’s awesome. We packed a lunch, picked Middle Son up from his referee gig and headed to the park.

Sadly, the tower was closed! I don’t know why, but it might have something to do with the fact that one of the cables that keeps it from swaying too much is no longer anchored. Guess that could be a bad thing.

Fortunately, the boys brought their discs so we could try some disc golf. The boys have all played before and really like it. Its a new thing for Hubby & I. Hubby had beautiful form!

Oldest Son is quite good and fun to watch.

And Middle Son has a very unique throw {I think it was unique anyway- for all I know}.

Youngest Son has been golfing a couple times and caught on quickly.

And then it was my turn…

Kind of looks like dancing in the woods…

And I totally stink at it! I mean really stink. But it was fun!

And it was a gorgeous evening to walk around the park. Time well spent with people I really like. So thankful our teenage boys enjoy spending time together. And grateful that they don’t mind hanging out with their parents now and then! Feeling blessed.


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