Projects in the Works

I’ve made some good thrift store finds. Some things I’m super excited about upcycling. My family doesn’t love my finds. They just don’t see the potential. Bummer. But the good news is they like the finished products. My challenge is just to get to the finished product part. I’ve written before about not being a closer. Its not my strong suit, but small projects are a lot easier to finish. And I love seeing my progress.

So here’s the first one. Picked it up at Goodwill.

For $7.50!

A new coffee table for my living room. Ya, I know its kind of ugly, and a little chipped up. I don’t know if you can tell, but the door is missing on one side.

The other side has a little door that opens. It’s going away. I have a plan for it too.

There is glass in each end. That will stay. And the glass on the top isn’t even chipped! That never happens. I’m trying some things with it – think frosted glass and decoupage! It’s about half done now…I’ll show you pictures when its done:).

The other find I just picked up on my lunch hour yesterday at a thrift store near the office. It was an excellent find! And I’m so excited to get to work on it. But, I’m going to wait until the coffee table is done. I have to. Or the family might give me the boot!

So here it is. A chair with really cool lines and lots of character.

Don’t like the paint. Or the fabric.

But that can all be changed. And it will. Soon! It has great bones. It just needs some TLC.

Can’t wait to show you the after pics! Oh, and I paid a whopping $2.00 for the chair. Score!

There’s nothing like a good thrift store find with great bones and tons of potential to get the creative juices flowing.

What brings out your creativity?


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