Eagle Project

He is so very close! Oldest Son just has one more step to earning his Eagle Award. He finally finished his project. And it turned out Awesome! He built a Pop Tab Receptacle for Ronald McDonald House Charities Kansas City. They collect pop tabs as a fundraiser for the services they provide. People can come by the house on Cherry Street and drop off the tabs they have saved. Oldest Son built a box that holds two large garbage cans to collect the tabs. It sits outside Ronald McDonald House so people can just pull up, drop off the tabs and be on their way without having to go inside. It’s quick and easy to donate!

Here’s the finished bin with my three sons!

Just lift the lid and dump in your tabs!

Super easy!

When the bins are full, just open the doors on the back and pull them out. A previous Scout’s Eagle project was a shelter to house pallet boxes to hold the pop tabs until they go to be sold for aluminum.

They were super excited to receive the bin! {Maybe because it took so long to get finished} They really appreciated it.

Oldest Son had to raise the funds for this project, which took a while to figure out. He was awarded a grant from Lowe’s which he used to buy materials. And Lowe’s let him purchase everything he needed at close to cost. He also wrote letters to family and friends asking them to donate to the project {If you were one of those donors, thank you and be watching your mailbox for an invite to his Eagle Court of Honor!}. Because of the generous response of friends and family he was able to complete his project and donate over a hundred dollars to Ronald McDonald House!

Ronald McDonald House staffers were awesome to work with! And super patient:). Its a great organization with an awesome mission.

So happy this step is over! The project has been delivered to the Round Table. Next step, Board of Review later this month. That will be the final test. Let’s hope he gets thru! Three pieces of advice for other Moms…

  1. Start them early, like before they get their driver’s license and/or a girlfriend {no offense Liz:)}. Both take up a lot of their time!
  2. Create an appointment on your calendar to nag them weekly! It definitely takes some prodding to stay on task for the long haul.
  3. Have girls. Just kidding! Trust the process. Earning their Eagle is a long and complicated process. It’s supposed to be. That’s why it is so valued. The experience they go through includes researching projects, working with an organization, budgeting, fundraising, tracking expenses, designing, acquiring materials, recruiting volunteers, managing people, managing timelines, managing production, changing designs, reworking schedules, delivering a finished product, writing up their results. Sounds like a lot of real jobs. It’s a sample of the work world and that’s valuable experience.

I think I will be a little less anxious with the next Eagle candidate in my house….just a little.


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